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  1. Ok so the area circled that clearly shows the partial knot an bowtie what caused it how did it get there? Im trying to fully understand this thanks again
  2. The area between his BUST and his chin. That's the area in refering too. Is it just another part of it being a ddo or is it something else? Thanks in advance.
  3. I understand how the coin press works the image above what is the incused area from how was it caused???
  4. Im refeering to a incuse image on a DDO. AND wether or not besidess the doubling does seeing the incuse image that in it self give 100% a GUARANTEE its a ddo or BUST nothing at all. To be more specific lets say a 1972 US Cent beleived to be a DDO but also shows a incused area between the bottom of lincolns bowtie till just below his chin in complete 100% detail its just incused all design elements of the bowtie. Bowtie knot etc along with his neck and. Bottom chin area are there. So whats does that incused area prove if anything at all. And if not a DDO how did it get there since its incused???
  5. I understan the seperation of characters. The separation of serifs and so for. But i dont understand the incuse images ddo guarantee or bust?? Any an all help very much appreciated.. Thanks in advance...
  6. I understand the AU50+ my hands were typing faster than I could think. Most of the coins are already graded at AU50. I own the set already with a few of the most knowledgeable errors as previously stated so we're does the WELL CIRCULATED come into to play I don't understand and I was trying to figure out the overall value and how to go about the few that are not graded being graded?? Thanks for all and any help
  7. What would a 271 complete set minus 1974 on s proofs be worth,with and without the most major errors1917 55,69,72 ddo's etc... With a grade of ms50+and how is something that big graded? Individually or the complete set???? Thanks for the help
  8. Maybe so but I do doubt it since I unrolled it from an what I believe was a original roll wich I Polly shouldn't of if my father was here he'd of Wooped me but any why so is the color as telly brass I search a 25$ every two days now for a few good yrs an have never personally come across another so bright yes I've seen the 1997,1983 an so forth bronze but never this yellow just thought it was odd an under weight
  9. What could be wrong/happen here?? Opinions plz
  10. Thank you , although It is curved the pics are only under a 2x scope with crappy lighting I can try to get a few better pics I've taken it to 2 different coin shops in the STL area both were very intrigued with it.i know the pics don't do it justice