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  1. Rob1983

    1967 mint mark S penny??

    No sir, I will post another picture.
  2. Rob1983

    1967 mint mark S penny??

    Conder101 its a raised impression no a sunken impression like a hit would be I would think
  3. Rob1983

    1967 mint mark S penny??

    Here are a few of the requested pics I have more available just trying to upload them sucks. Thanks again.
  4. I have a 1967 s penny I thought san-fran didn't use mintmarks that year it is also in the wrong location it's above the date but centered as it should be if it we're below the date any ideas or help
  5. Rob1983

    1958 DDO

    Here's another picture maybe not so blurry. If anyone can lead me in the direction of wether to send this 1 in it would be most appreciated. Or any other guidance or direction would also be helpful thanks in advance.
  6. Rob1983

    1958 DDO

    Here is a little better picture looking at the L,B,E of liberty and the I of IN an the D of IGWT, the 19 in 1958
  7. Rob1983

    1994 wide AM

    Here is a little better picture it's clearly a 4
  8. Rob1983

    1994 wide AM

    I know it's a little beat up,but could it be? Opinions please.
  9. Rob1983

    1910 on a flying eagle cent???

    Here is the reverse side
  10. Is it or are my eyes playing tricks on me