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  1. Welcome! Your coin looks authentic with spot-on Dahlonega striking characteristics on the "U" of UNITED, the "5" in the date, and obverse dentil weakness from 7-8 o'clock. The time it obviously spent in a piece of jewelry also attributed to the overall "mushy" look. Unfortunately, as an ex-jewelry piece, its value is significantly reduced, probably by half of what a fully original piece of the same grade would bring. Still a rare coin and probably has a great story behind it as to how it made it over to Europe.
  2. Sorry - not a genuine silver dollar - probably a cheap Chinese counterfeit. Even though the pics aren't very close up, date placement doesn't match any known examples, Liberty's profile looks too-cartoonish and the eagle's feathers (and lack thereof) are amateurishly engraved.
  3. I'll contribute. The 1813 - 1834 run of Capped Bust Half Eagles are widely known as "Fat-Head" Half Eagles among early gold enthusiasts. John Reich modified the original Capped Bust design which ran from 1807 to 1812 by enlarging Liberty's head and cap, and by removing her "bust line". While I have a number of Capped Bust Left Half Eagles, this is my first "Fat Head". It's a bit lower grade than I usually like, but the look of this particular coin sold itself. Very little marks, great surfaces and unmolested skin. Just how I like it...
  4. Here's the last. Merry Christmas to me...
  5. That is a gorgeous 1885-S HE with lovely, original color. It's what I would expect a mint-state early U.S. gold coin would look like. Of course, as you move into the circulated grades, the factor of originality can take several forms... depending on the "life" the coin had. Whether it be careful sanctuary in a collector's cabinet, or just honest, hard-working circulation. Here are a few examples from my early gold collection -
  6. I posted this coin in the gold/cigars thread. These are a bit better pics. Needs a little buff job w/Plastix on the holder's central reverse.