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  1. Finding Possible Errors

    i have an old cherrypickers guide, vol 4, 2001 that has an excellent section on Jeffersons and buffs varieties but only goes to 1968. i believe that a newer version has been printed. great diagnostics. 100X? some prefer a 10x or 5x. if it takes a 100 times magnification to see, then it might be questionable.
  2. variety price guide?

    thanks again physics-fan. it was kind of you to provide the info and links. i think you are correct about 1965. the year our coinage was debased. i would rather invest in an upgrade, than spend precious funds on on a book. a fatal flaw in collecting, it is said. The F/S books have paid for for themselves many times over. i am thinking about selling a collection with several varieties and errors and was hoping to fix a price in my mind for the total. perhaps the best route would be to sell the varieties separate. anyway thanks again for your time.
  3. variety price guide?

    thank you physics-fanpi for your response. the book looked helpful but a 10 year old price guide? i already own a 1965 red book, hard bound. it's fun to peruse when i need it. i guess as far as prices go; just see what the market says, and hope for the best.
  4. variety price guide?

    thank you skippy for your response. my cherry pickers has been very helpful in identification, but not so much in pricing. perhaps too many variables.
  5. variety price guide?

    thank you conder for your response. just hoping there might be one that i didn't know about. maybe something for a future numismatic writer.
  6. does anyone know of a price guide especially for varieties and errors?
  7. it is my understanding that Queen Elisabeth ll issued a 9 coin, Coronation commemorative Mint set in 1952, dated 1953.
  8. the Scottish crest looks the nicer of the two.

    I agree with your remarks about colors needed to be called rainbow toned. I have also seen White coins with a Rainbow colored tone due to the iridescence of sunlight on the fresh appearing patina. Some have also called that effect, Rainbow toning.
  10. Board Member = Ebay ID

  11. 1934 P and D Washingtons for the Dansco

    Good call. I have a 36 PF 65 in a rattler that might be my nicest coin, among many of higher grades. Pale blue even tone. Someday i will figure out how to post a photo.
  12. 1934 P and D Washingtons for the Dansco

    hello SkyMan, I am having trouble navigating so I will try to answer your message here. I jumped to conclusions when you said that Bob Campbell helped with your photos; I thought you were talking with Bob Campbell, the past president of the ANA, so I assumed that you would have a Cherrypickers Guide available. Later I realized that Bob Campbell is not a rare name. I will try my best to answer your questions but your best recourse is to get in touch with a dealer and ask for his help or get a Cherrypickers and view yourself or get the coin slabbed again with the proper attribution. I own every example of 34D's motto and MM varieties (4); and every example of 34 P varieties also 4. In my case i owned a "Large MM" so I was able to compare Mint Marks untill I completed the set. It took eighteen years. An excellent picture of the rare small MM is available on page 156 of the 4th edition of Fivaz/Stantons Cherrypickers guide with the aforementioned reference #. The Mint Mark in your Photos look like it could well be the rare variety (D Mint Mark of 32) but no one could say for certain until the coin was in hand. The quote from the Cherrypickers is "This is a very rare variety by any standard". Sometimes the hunt for the proper attribution is as exciting as the coin, especially when you are rewarded monetarily. At any rate I wish you the best in your efforts to assemble a collection of my favorite coin and I hope you enjoy the experience as much as I have over the last 64 years. ken
  13. 1934 P and D Washingtons for the Dansco

    The 34 D is very nice and the tone is attractive. A real positive addition to any collection. If you know Bob Campbell I would have him look at that MM again. From the photo it looks as though it might be the more desirable variety; the Medium Motto small D. If so, there might be an increase in value. Cherrypickers FS-25-1934D-501
  14. 1909 V.D.B. Matte Proof? Thoughts?

    I was remarking (attractive) on the subjective nature of the grading service. PCGS Official guide to coin grading; 2nd edition March 2004, "the overall eye appeal still must be positive or the coin does not merit MS-65". ANA grading standards said "a coin with a finger mark would not grade higher than MS/PR-64". All I own are very old books, so perhaps the rules have loosened a little and i am uneducated, or even gradeflation.
  15. 1909 V.D.B. Matte Proof? Thoughts?

    #1- attractive, #2- ???, seems generous, perhaps it is the photography