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  1. They killed the Collectors Society.

    I agree with everyone. I have improved my collections as I always have since 1952. But according to CS my collections have deteriorated. I rarely add new purchases to my collection mgr unless they are NGC, even though a couple were finest known, in the wrong holder. As to WHY, there can be only one answer, money. Someday CS will ask "what happened". Must have been the Russians.
  2. The Beginning

    1 am 72. In 1952 I was fortunate to view the coronation of QE 2. At that time my parents gave me the money to purchase a 9 coin coronation commem Mint set. I still own that set in it's original pkg. I look at that BU Mint set and consider my collection from over the many years. My only regret is that I never seemed to have enough money to spend on coins.
  3. 1932 D 25C RPM?

    Is it possible to get Variety Plus to recognize an unlisted RPM? If so, how?
  4. A Fortuitous and Artistic Side Effect

    I think many coin collectors select coins on the basis of the artistic beauty of an individual specimen. Some of those people believe that two coins should never touch each other, (contact marks). I still remember the first time I saw a BU Merc. "Diffrent strokes 4 diffrent folks".
  5. Is My Coin "Too Good"

    many consider the 40D to be a better date. Might have to pay above melt for that example.
  6. Nice Pick Ups for the Semi-keys

    The nicest example of that variety that i have ever seen. makes me wish i knew how to send pictures.
  7. Roman Empire, Page 4 = DECADENCE

    An interesting history lesson in the form of numismatics. Apparent substantial research. Claudius impressive?
  8. i was told 18 years ago, "there is no such thing as an unsearched role of Wheat cents". 1909 S VDB, 1914 D, 1955 DDO. I believe it.
  9. does anyone have knowledge of this RPM? have owned this coin since 3/25/10. was sold to me as a RPM by Heritage auctions with a clear D/D, four serifs visible. pcgs graded MS63, # 04674727, but not attributed. Walter Breen says he has heard of this RPM but that is the only information i have been able to garner. Thanks for any help. Not a newbie, just ignorant.
  10. New here... is this worth grading

    ? the planchette does not look like a SF coin of the 19 th century. but i'm no expert.
  11. Finding Possible Errors

    i have an old cherrypickers guide, vol 4, 2001 that has an excellent section on Jeffersons and buffs varieties but only goes to 1968. i believe that a newer version has been printed. great diagnostics. 100X? some prefer a 10x or 5x. if it takes a 100 times magnification to see, then it might be questionable.
  12. variety price guide?

    thanks again physics-fan. it was kind of you to provide the info and links. i think you are correct about 1965. the year our coinage was debased. i would rather invest in an upgrade, than spend precious funds on on a book. a fatal flaw in collecting, it is said. The F/S books have paid for for themselves many times over. i am thinking about selling a collection with several varieties and errors and was hoping to fix a price in my mind for the total. perhaps the best route would be to sell the varieties separate. anyway thanks again for your time.
  13. variety price guide?

    thank you physics-fanpi for your response. the book looked helpful but a 10 year old price guide? i already own a 1965 red book, hard bound. it's fun to peruse when i need it. i guess as far as prices go; just see what the market says, and hope for the best.
  14. variety price guide?

    thank you skippy for your response. my cherry pickers has been very helpful in identification, but not so much in pricing. perhaps too many variables.
  15. variety price guide?

    thank you conder for your response. just hoping there might be one that i didn't know about. maybe something for a future numismatic writer.