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  1. Does NGC add 5FS or 6FS to a straight grade SMS Jefferson Nickel (65-67 years), or is it just a generic grade?
  2. I want to submit ~35 unique dated coins for grading, but the submission form only has 15 lines. For non-bulk submissions the max amount of coins is 50. How do I fill out the form(s) so that I can submit them all at once with the same submission number? I usually just fill out the form online. I do not want to fill out 3 unique forms as I see this as a waste of money ($10 handling fee per form, shipping costs, etc.).
  3. Is NGC going to be there to accept submissions? If so, what days, cut-off time, etc.?
  4. I have 2 PCGS holder coins that I would like to crossover for the Variety Plus designation label, but I have a couple of questions on how to proceed with the submission. Do I ship the PCGS coins separately from other raw coins since they are being considered for crossover's? Since 2 of them are for Variety Plus designation grade status, would it be the tier price + $15? Thanks.