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  1. Thanks for looking and please contact me if interested in this variety. I have a few more I'll list or submit soon. Thanks, Glenn
  2. ttt 3/15 would consider trade for WLH, Mercury dimes, or Ike dollars.
  3. Agree that this is an unusual request, perhaps a bit brazen but not necessarily nefarious. I've reviewed some certification numbers to see if some of my coins (or some on the market) are companion coins or were certified on the same submission. For example, I'd be more likely to by a 1945-S Jeff in an old fatty if its certification number were adjacent to a certified 1945-S MS 67 FS. Since I wasn't the collector who asked, I don't know the intent. With the safeguards of the registry, someone else obviously couldn't establish another coin with your pedigree (at least through official means). Personally, I suspect it was simply a slightly awkward attempt for some dialogue.