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  1. ttt 3/15 would consider trade for WLH, Mercury dimes, or Ike dollars.
  2. Agree that this is an unusual request, perhaps a bit brazen but not necessarily nefarious. I've reviewed some certification numbers to see if some of my coins (or some on the market) are companion coins or were certified on the same submission. For example, I'd be more likely to by a 1945-S Jeff in an old fatty if its certification number were adjacent to a certified 1945-S MS 67 FS. Since I wasn't the collector who asked, I don't know the intent. With the safeguards of the registry, someone else obviously couldn't establish another coin with your pedigree (at least through official means). Personally, I suspect it was simply a slightly awkward attempt for some dialogue.
  3. Thanks for looking. Three great NGC certified MS 67 5FS Silver War Nickels for Sale here, $1550. ppd. Paypal only. Will consider trade for WLH, Mercury dimes, &/or Ike Dollars. Please send offers. 4649037-002 1942-S 67 5FS 4649037-003 1943-P 67 5FS 4649037-011 1945-D 67 5FS Best regards, Glenn G. McQuaide glennm on eBay (100% feedback since May 1997)
  4. I just got a set of Ikes in a mid 1970s Harco coinmaster album dated through 1974. Several of the coins have a greenish residue/sheen. Is this likely PVC damage? When did Harco shift to non-PVC? It almost looks like the coins were dipped and placed in the album before they were dry. Thanks for any help.
  5. What is a Fresh Coin?

    I agree and I disagree. Depending on one's intent in acquisition (aesthetics, investment, completion of a series, resale), the term 'fresh' may simply be a marketing ploy, or alternatively, it is our feeling during the initial encounter with a desirable coin. I tend to look at coins in the short to intermediate term resale perspective. Were I wealthy enough, I would likely be a pure collector, purchasing a coin and keeping until I die. However, long ago, I realized I couldn't keep it all. Enough rambling, here is the certification number of a nice, old, fresh coin that I recently submitted: 4649037-002 MS 67 Cheers, Glenn
  6. 1795 Penny

    There are also several reputable auction houses that are good for selling coins.
  7. 1795 Penny

    Welcome to the forum! It looks like NGC lists the value at $1150. The NGC Chat Board has a category of The Money Marketplace to buy, sell, or trade. eBay is also a good outlet. Best regards, Glenn
  8. Full Step Jefferson Nickels

    This 1945-S is definitely a candidate for review!
  9. Full Step Jefferson Nickels

    Many NGC images appear not to match expectations. Check this one out: 2739619-003 MS 67 and: 4297074-002 MS 67 I submitted the last one & will post some images of it very soon.
  10. Full Step non-SMS 1965 Jefferson Value

    Yes, the fees are related to the grade, however, I don't think the $5. difference would be adequate justification for the only 1965 FS nickel ever graded by NGC.