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  1. I did the magnet test and the magnet didn’t stick, took it in and it is silver, but didn’t weigh it... I will do that tomorrow. I was just trying figure out the year etc. I understand there is a lot of counterfeits out there. Thank you
  2. Any idea what this coin is... age? Etc?? I received this from a family whose uncle from Pakistan passed away
  3. Very nice... can’t wait for new pictures. LovebitLove it
  4. Okay I will do that .... thank you for the feedback... I was given this a a few other Chinese coins(found in star age after someone passed away). Chinese coins are confusing, but I knew someone here has the knowledge.
  5. Can anyone help educate me? What is this coin, what year? I tested it with a magnet and it is not magnetic. It weighs 31.1 grams and is 3.83 cm wide. I found in a bag with a bunch of foreign coins.