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  1. I have the following PCGS graded Walkers available. These are suited for Everyman or lowball sets. Those graded vf 25 or under I am asking $25 each including shipping. Those vf30 or better $30 each. Also there are a few better dates reasonably priced. No fee PayPal preferred. Some pics in my registry set/s. Message here or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING! vf25 or less $25 17 coins 1934 vf25 1935D vf25 1936 f15 1936-D vf20 1937-D f12 1939 vf20 1940-S f15 1941-S vf20 1943-S f12 1944-D vf20 1944-D vf25 1944-D hand engraved initials FS-901 vf20 1944-S f12 1945-D vf25 1946 vf25 1946-D vf20 1946-S f12 ..............................vf30 or better $30 12 coins 1934 xf40 1935 xf45 1936-S vf35 2077 1937 vf30 1937 vf35 1938 xf40 1941-D vf35 1942-D vf30 1944-S xf45 1945 vf35 1945-S vf35 1946-D xf40 ................better dates 3 coins 1929-S vf30 $70 1938-D vf30 $90 1938-D vf35 $95
  2. Have 4 available sold as a group. $1600 net to me delivered. Checks, MOS, CASH or no fee PP or reg PP + 3%. Message here or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING! 1 1883-O PCGS ms64 2 1884-O PCGS ms63 really nice neon colors. Never found anyone who could take a good pic of it. 3 1886 PCGS ms65 CAC For some reason my photog skills don't work so well with toners, but these are better pics than I could muster. Nice soft colors on the reverse. 4 1921 PCGS ms64 scarce bag toned Morgan with rainbow-like colors.
  3. 1918-S PCGS xf40 $105 All prices are delivered. No fee PayPal preferred. Checks, cash, money orders also welcome. Message here or BAJJERFAN@aol.comAS ALWAYS:THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  4. For sale here: A group of 4 toned Morgans in PCGS holders. $2000 firm for the lot. Not interested in selling separately. 1882-S PCGS ms66 CAC with nice neon toning on the right side of the reverse 1883-O PCGS ms64 nice neon reverse toning. 2 1890-O PCGS ms64 endroll toners. Checks, money orders or no fee to me PayPal Message here or AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  5. Blemishes appear to be on the holder and not the coin. Could also be inside of the holder. Selling at $405 shipped. Cash, checks, money orders or no fee PayPal or regular PP net $405 to me. Message here or email to AS ALWAYS:THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  6. 1 each PCGS PR69 and MS69 2008-P Bald Eagle 2 each PR69 and MS69 2006-S San Francisco Old Mint 1 each PCGS MS69 and PR70DCAM 2009-P Abraham Lincoln $290 delivered for all 8 coins in a SFRB. Coins have NO SPOTS No fee PayPal preferred Message here or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING! STOCK PIC
  7. I have a tenth ounce gold eagle dated 2000 for $140 delivered. No fee PP check or money order. $144 with regular PP. Message here or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  8. Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg is selling coins now?
  9. Maybe someone who dabbles in them will chime in. Out of my area of interest.
  10. That's the drift I get from the postings over to the PCGS boards. Depends upon what you have too. Post some examples. Are they graded? Raw? CAC approved?
  11. For GC I'd suggest that you check prices realized for what you have. I've had good luck with some stuff and been highly disappointed with others. Not so sure that unless you need the $$$ that now is a good time to sell. Try here or the PCGS BST board first. Once you consign to Heritage you mostly lose control over how and when they are sold. You can also list them for sale at It was started mainly as a picture hosting site, but you can offer them for sale as well. Good luck
  12. Depends upon what you have and the $$$ size of the consignment. For Heritage, I'd try to hook up with one of the folks who consigns $100K lots for better terms. GC is easier to deal with.
  13. Still got em and some nice ones left.
  14. I have a few coins for sale. Check them out here. Prices include shipping. Regarding the 1886 Morgan PCGS ms65 I cracked it and crossed it, but I could never take a better pic that the one in a NGC holder so I use it. the coin is PCGS ms65 CAC. Message here or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  15. BU roll of 2013 silver eagles. $347 shipped. no fee PayPal or check. PM or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  16. Roll of 2018 silver eagles. $382 delivered in a SFRB. No fee PayPal preferred. Checks, money orders, cash all work too. ONLY $2.59 over spot delivered. Not THAT bad for one roll when shipping is $7. PM or email to AS ALWAYS: THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  17. COMING SOON. Gates Hall 825 15th ST, Nevada, Iowa 2018 VERSION Saturday Feb 24th 9 pm to 5 pm and Sunday Feb 25th 9 am to 3 pm 40+ dealers DOOR PRIZES FREE ADMISSION EARLY BIRD ADMISSION IS $50 GIFTS FOR THE YOUTH COLLECTORS