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  1. 1873 $5 Read coinfacts. Much better date AU or better. This coin has great color and remnants of proof like surfaces. $375 includes shipping and PayPal. 1882 $10. Prooflike obverse but baggie, probably uncirculated. $665 includes shipping and PayPal. 3 day return OK contact within 3 days to let me know. Best contact agentjim007 AT comcast DOTnet. Price subject to change based on spot.
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  5. Need everything included capsule.
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  8. New PayPal policy

    I thought I was clear. As of 3/29/2017 coins, bullion, currency, Roman coins, foreign coins, All coins and currency will NOT be covered by PayPal protection. This is what I was clearly told by phone rep. who made it clear this is exactly what he was told. Why doesn't someone else call to verify? Took me about 5 minutes.
  9. New PayPal policy

    Not my interpretation, this is what I was told by PayPal. I always use my PayPal credit account so I can take up to 6 months to pay but I'll have to start using my CC so I have some recourse.
  10. New PayPal policy

    Policy also states if you don't agree with the new terms cancel your PayPal account ( maybe not exact I'm going by memory but I got the point right). I don't see why it could be a legal matter. It's their business they don't have to offer protection to anyone if you don't like it don't use it. I won't be using it for coin purchases unless I know it's safe like Great Collections and I wouldn't expect anyone to buy from me unless they know me. If true I would expect more seller scams (seller sends empty box? Too bad no protection) and almost no buyer scams ( buyer says box is empty when it is not, too bad no protection) unless you have some protection through a credit card.
  11. New PayPal policy

    I edited my original post if this makes a difference. I reread the terms and it actually says financial products not financial instruments.
  12. New PayPal policy

    It doesn't literally shut down eBay but I know I wouldn't buy from an unknown seller without PayPal protection on eBay or on the BST. Keep in mind we're talking coins, you can still buy other stuff and still get PayPal protection. Log into PayPal and go through the contact us links. I would like someone else give it a try and see if they are consistent. The guy I talked to said the floor was instructed as if the boss told all the phone reps. that the new policy no longer covers coins.
  13. New PayPal policy

    Subject came up ATS. New PayPal policies start 3/29/2017. Policy states no PayPal protection for financial products. They are brain storming ATS concluding this does not apply to coins/currency, apparently no one called PayPal to find out for sure. I called PayPal and was told the entire floor was instructed that this new policy does apply to coins, currency, even obsolete coins ( I used Roman coins in my example). The guy sounded quite certain of this new policy but if someone wants to see if he was mistaken be my guest. I hope he was wrong. That would basically shut down trade on the BST and eBay except for established dealers.