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  3. 1873 $5 Read coinfacts. Much better date AU or better. This coin has great color and remnants of proof like surfaces. $375 includes shipping and PayPal. 1882 $10. Prooflike obverse but baggie, probably uncirculated. $665 includes shipping and PayPal. 3 day return OK contact within 3 days to let me know. Best contact agentjim007 AT comcast DOTnet. Price subject to change based on spot.
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  7. Need everything included capsule.
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  10. New PayPal policy

    I thought I was clear. As of 3/29/2017 coins, bullion, currency, Roman coins, foreign coins, All coins and currency will NOT be covered by PayPal protection. This is what I was clearly told by phone rep. who made it clear this is exactly what he was told. Why doesn't someone else call to verify? Took me about 5 minutes.
  11. New PayPal policy

    Not my interpretation, this is what I was told by PayPal. I always use my PayPal credit account so I can take up to 6 months to pay but I'll have to start using my CC so I have some recourse.
  12. New PayPal policy

    Policy also states if you don't agree with the new terms cancel your PayPal account ( maybe not exact I'm going by memory but I got the point right). I don't see why it could be a legal matter. It's their business they don't have to offer protection to anyone if you don't like it don't use it. I won't be using it for coin purchases unless I know it's safe like Great Collections and I wouldn't expect anyone to buy from me unless they know me. If true I would expect more seller scams (seller sends empty box? Too bad no protection) and almost no buyer scams ( buyer says box is empty when it is not, too bad no protection) unless you have some protection through a credit card.
  13. New PayPal policy

    I edited my original post if this makes a difference. I reread the terms and it actually says financial products not financial instruments.