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  1. I dont see where there is a second variety of the 1982 TDR-002, if there was another variety it would be notated on the holder.
  2. Thanks so much. I forgot to ask about the slot for the 1987 DD with PL designation for this set as well as I have that coin also and I think there is another one out there, can you add the PL slot for the 1987 DD in the MS 1oz Libertad set? Thanks again.
  3. That is correct, I should have stated these were for the MS set. The 1988 DDR I have is a 001 variety as there is also a 002 which is a second variety. And a totally different coin and slot. The PL for for the 001 slot. Thanks Tom
  4. I know things are very busy at NGC but I dont think I have received any response on this yet. A few years ago I discovered the first MS 1oz proof like libertad and received the first PL designation for any MS Libertad coin ever graded for the series. This was the 1990 1oz Mexico Libertad and requested a slot for it without any issues a few years ago. Since then there have been several 1990 1oz libertads graded and given the PL designation. After the 1990, the 1985, 1986 and 1987 DD soon followed with Proof Like designations added to their grades. All the above PL slots were added to the 1oz M
  5. I have a 1988 1oz double die 001 that was graded proof like. Can you please add a slot under the 1988 double die 001 for the "Proof Like" coins in the Mexico Libertad 1oz MS set from 1982 to current.
  6. Can you create a new slot for the 1988 DD -001 1oz Libertad with PL designation? Also can you creat a slot for the 1984 1oz libertad with the PL designation?
  7. Is it too late to add new slots for the 1982 - Mexico 1oz Libertad BU Set? The slots i am looking at are as follows 1988 DDR -001, add the PL slot 1987 DDR, add PL slot 1984 Add PL slot. Thanks Tom
  8. Yes this is the 1986 1oz BU libertad. I have a newly graded 86 PL, #2736870-015 This is the first and only 86 PL so far, of you could add a slot that would be great. Thanks Tom
  9. Can you add a new slot for the 1986 1oz BU in proof like? I know since it's registry award time it will have to wait so that's is ok as long as you put this down on your to-do list. Also, can you fill in the points for the 2017 proof and proof like 1 oz liberates? Thanks Tom
  10. Can you please add a new slot for the 1983 1 oz BU double die libertad set? This is a newer variety discovered earlier this year. The 1983 seems to be rarer than the 1982 and 1987 double die but not as rare as the 1988 double die. Thw last time i checked there were about ten 83 libertads already graded by ngc. Thanks Tom
  11. What do some of the members here thing of the queens beast series? do you collect the gold, silver 2oz, silver 10 oz? My opinion for the series is, I do like them a lot. I don't care for the finish as much as I think they could add some burnishing.