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  1. Normally I don't buy coins with problems, but, I've been looking at these (the English pounds) for a while and superb ones are a bit expensive. The coin was slabbed "Details" due to an old cleaning but is beginning to retone. I've never ever been able to afford a British gold pound (20 shillings) but now have at least a sterling silver one. However what I really like is the period this is from: struck by Charles I in the middle of the English Civil War. Also I'm fond of larger pieces and at ~120 grams, this has to be one of the largest circulating coins ever struck by Great Britain. I need to research the history of this piece. England, Charles I, silver 20 shillings (pound), Oxford mint, 1642 For condition conscious collectors I also bought another piece, much more common but in better grade. This is the Brazilian Republic's 1st crown, issued to repay a debt to Britain which specified the debt to be paid "in silver 2000 reis coins". Thus virtually all were exported & melted. Brazil, Republic, 2000 reis, 1897 NGC-63