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  1. Thank you for the info. As a bigginer, I really do appreciate it.
  2. Thank you bstrauss3, Detailed comments like yours and Mark is exactly what makes a bigginer like myself learn, and become better at knowing where and how to look for worthy coins from the right dealer or seller. I really do appreciate your input.
  3. Thank you Mark, I really do appreciate your advice, and will follow through on it. You have given me some great information to follow, and follow I will. No more un-certified coins for me. I also believe the 1921-S was not a great deal when I think about it.
  4. I am definitely looking for something in a MS63 or better BU if possible in a good price range. I paid $69.00 for a 1921-S BU Morgan (Not Slabbed) from The Not sure if it was a good deal or not. I would have to take a couple of photos today, and post them for opinions. I have also purchased a 2017 MS69 Silver Eagle for $35.00 on Amazon, and about three uncertified Morgans from an auction site for an average of $45.00 each. Unfortunately I am very new at this, and am hoping to have a nice investment collection to leave behind for my daughter. The majority of coins I have so far are fished from coin rolls, and spare change.
  5. For now I'm just looking at Morgans.. Peace, and American Eagles.
  6. Thank you MarkFeld, I appreciate your opinion. I have been looking for good sites, and found this one, but I was not so sure, other than knowing they are not the official Government Mint.
  7. Is the following seller a good source for purchasing coins, (Morgans/Peace/American Eagles), or should I look elsewhere?
  8. Awesome, I am really starting to enjoy the fishing for coins. It's like you will never know what you'll find until you find it.
  9. Now that is sweet. I started paying more attention to coins more now than ever. I am currently waiting on our bank to get some uncirculated coin rolls from the mint. So I can go coin fishing. It is exciting when I find an error.
  10. Thank you asdfgh for the info. I figured it would not have any value since it is a circulated quarter. This being my first find like this still makes it sweet and a keeper for me.
  11. I found this 2001 Quarter (circulated) while fishing through some change (I do it daily now for any new change). I thought it is kind of sweet since I have never seen a quarter like this. The quarter has a very weak strike on the word United, to the point it is almost not existing. I looked at it very carefully, and I did realize that it is not something man made, but instead appears to be a mint error. I will take better pictures to show you later on, but for now I did take these pictures with my cellphone.
  12. Thank you Conder101 for your input. I am sorry to answer so late, but I had to blow out my computer in order to repair a couple of issues.
  13. Thank you coinman1794, It is never too late when providing good information to a beginner like me.