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  1. With the way most kids are today they would probably end up in a coinstar machine, they really don't appreciate old things anymore.
  2. Thanks' for the info. yes I know about not to clean them and I've read about the various values and grading and even about various mint error pennies, it's just that I want to sell them to someone who really enjoys collecting them and not to some small coin dealer, I my self enjoy collecting old stuff too I have over 2000 sports cards also a old Datsun z car and old boats and live in a 1929 brick house and many other things, and that is enough for me, I enjoy the antiques you can use and work on, I do enjoy looking at them but prefer letting some who really enjoys them a lot more than I do have them, so any info. on what to do with them is appreciated .
  3. Hi everyone, was searching around the web researching pennies and found this site, have a few old pennies I got from my grand father about 20 years ago, just wondering if they are worth anything, they were sitting in glass jars in my closet they range from 1917 to 1977 some look good some don't most probably just need to be cleaned most of them are 40's 50's 60s' and 70's with just a few teen's and a few 20's and 30's will try to upload some pictures soon. pennies