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  1. For all my fellow Collectors Universe members I am offering 20% any of my ebay listings with a buy it now price. May be open to trades. If interested, just message me here and I'll post the transaction on the board if you like. All these below, and more. Thanks for looking.
  2. Wow! Just found another one of my coins on the census report! How sweet is that? Thanks Paul. Census report '58-D Dimes Ans another one! Census report - '58-D Quarter
  3. I just got my coins back from NGC and when I went to the census report for '58-D Franklin halves, there are photos of my coin that just came back MS-66*FBL. Shouldn't I be getting some royalty fees for that (joking)? At least I got a free professional photo of the coin. Check it out here: census report
  4. Bump 1 time. Bids are still extremely low on most coins. Don't miss out. Looks like there will be some steals.
  5. I sold it raw years ago. Reverse was mostly red.
  6. 11 coins submitted as modern. Did not check designation review, as they were all raw.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback guys. I sent in 11 coins and got 3 star designations. 2 of those stars came from the coins from this set. Both Franklins graded MS-66 FBL and one of them was a star. The other one was the dime that graded MS 66* FT. The quarter did not get a star but was an MS-67. Personally, I think the quarter has more eye appeal in hand than the dime, but hey....what do I know? The other star I got took me by surprise. It was on a nice toned '72 proof 1/2 $ that had nowhere near the eye appeal as a toned '70 proof 1/2 $ or a toned 1959 1/2 $ that was in the same batch of coins. Overall I did alright. Out of the 11 toned coins I sent in, all were graded and the lowest grade was a 66.
  8. Sold this MS-66 FBL a long time ago, but it sure was a beauty.
  9. I agree. I have seen several comparable without stars, and a few with. Hopefully the guys grading them are all in a good mood.