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  1. Just noticed an ad from David Lawrence for a no line 85-O Morgan in 64 with a price of $140. Some toning but minor and doesn't seem like the toning would add that much value. And if premiums for no line holders what about the "fatties"?
  2. Hi guys, Just joined this forum and surprised that I've only recently heard that there was a discussion forum at NGC. And that after belonging to Collectors Society and using the services of both NGC+PMG for years. Don't know if I should dare say I belong to the other forum ( I recognize a couple others) but even with after 40 years of collecting I'm still interested in the hobby and still learning (that's so true in life also). Been in and out of coins and got back to coins last 2 yrs. Anyways this past summer I finally got all my coins from SDB and safes that make up my $20 Lib Date set. That was the 1st time I had ever seen them together. I recently took a trip to CAC and had a number (118) evaluated but only 3 twenties from the set but after seeing the discussion of the recent GC auction of CAC gold I'll be making another trip. The 3 twenties got all 3 of the options --Gold sticker for a 1850-O in 53, green for a 1852 in 62, and nothing for the 1886 in 58.
  3. Doesn't GC have a return policy like the old Teletrade where it costs 5% to send it back. Wouldn't surprise me that buyer may pay the fee and return it. Buyer's regret I remember returning a $26,000 Bust dollar in A-63 and paid the $430 fee. Overgraded , so it was better than keeping it.