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  1. I got it as slabbed so I dont know, but I think it is glued on the surface. There are other sea animals as well in this series.
  2. One of the fancier coin that I got recently, using glass element on the coin.
  3. For eye appeal NGC uses the star designation, the + is for something that is above xx grade but doesn't make it to the xx+1 grade
  4. No worries, thanks for the explanation. Kudos to the NGC registry team, you have been very responsive in maintaining and expanding the NGC registry. Cheers, Lawrence
  5. Ah ha, got you on line 51, 2017 yet correctly capitalized All good though
  6. Ah thank you for the explanation, it's been driving me nuts, haha
  7. Hi, I have been wondering for a long time why this is, any explanations? Using my submission for sample, line 64 and 65 is different than 66 and 67, even though both are New Zealand coins and of the same series. Another example set is line 73 and 76, both 2 Euro coins and properly titled, while line 70, 71, 72 and 75 are also 2 Euro coins in ALL CAPS. Ponderingly yours, Lawrence
  8. Dont get your hopes up. I have done a lot of submissions (some at shows, the rest direct to their Hong Kong office), some got finished in less than 3 weeks, some got finished in almost two months. Unless your submission was part of the "On-site grading", in which they would have done it by the end of the said show. Cheers
  9. I have been their customers for almost a year now and I have picked up quite a bit of nice coins from them, so far so good. They are just an auction house, so the seller will be listing the coins for them. If you dont like the item listed, just pass on it. Cheers
  10. That 2019 Proof set is going to need these additional slots (so far): 2019 Swan 2019 Birds of Paradise 2019 Year of the Pig (RAM) 2019 Year of the Pig (Perth Mint) 2019 Year of the Pig colorized (Perth Mint) 2019 Year of the Pig High relief (Perth Mint)
  11. They are really nice medals, have you seen the Swiss made ones, those are crazy for the 1800s
  12. Hi all, I would like to ask for a new set: 1. "Australia Silver $1, 2019, Proof" since we are more than halfway through 2019 already. There are individual annual sets for each year from 2008 - 2018 I would like to ask for an edit of this existing set: 1. "Australia One Dollar, Commemorative, 1986-2016, Proof" (link here ) to be extended through 2019, or just use "1986 to date" Cheers, Lawrence
  13. NGC will encapsulate most coins that you send them as long as you pay the fee. I think the better question is why would anyone send that to NGC and there are many answers to that here