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  1. Hi @Filbullion, You will need to contact them first to make an appointment and then go to their office for both submission and pickup. Their address (which can be found on is: NGC Hong Kong Ltd.Suite 1208-10, 12/F, Tower 1,The Gateway, Harbour City,25 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong The direction is just to go in the long shopping mall and once you enter, turn right all the way and go to the third floor. There will be elevators, choose the appropriate tower and go to the 12th floor. Once you are in the office give them your submission and they will count your coins/banknotes together with you for confirmation and that's it. You will need to give credit card number as well, I dont think they accept cash but you can ask. Hope this helps and best regards. Happy collecting, Lawrence / ilLOminatus
  2. Can I ask why this coin is not encapsulated? "Detached Applique"? It is a single plain silver bullion coin...
  3. It's a hard question to answer, the best way to learn is through experience. But otherwise JKK answer covers most of it.
  4. I believe heritage just use regular printed paper which they then tape over. It is easily replicated if you want to sort your coins that way. I always peel off mine though.
  5. The points basically reflect the condition and rarity of your coins, rare coins from a key year in MS condition is worth more points than a common coin in XF condition for example. They come into play on their own once you start building NGC registry sets, say of a USA Peace Dollar sets, where the points of all your coins in that set will be added to give your set a score. Other people who assemble the same sets will get their own score as well, thus you can compare with other enthusiasts how "awesome" your set is compared to theirs. This usually awakens the competitiveness of collectors to improve their sets and steers them towards NGC instead of other TPGs. Hope this helps, cheers!
  6. I have submitted quite a few world coins to NGC, both post 1955 and pre 1955, and now the process takes two months to finish, I guess NGC is being swamped by new submissions from all over the world. I submit and collect from their Hong Kong office by the way.
  7. Ah you won this one, congrats. I was eyeing some Japanese Yens a few auctions back from HA as well
  8. I have seen advertisement in Modern Coin Mart (in the USA) and LPM (in Hong Kong) of 2019 silver panda and gold panda sets that are NGC slabbed and claim to have been identified by the three different mint. The evidence is "And to our knowledge, we're the only ones that have figured it out!" as can be seen in their advertisement here: My questions are: what is the evidence and why are you being secretive about it?
  9. In fairness it did say "style" and "gold plated", but I can see how that kind of listing will fool the uninformed. But if you are hoping to score a deal by paying $4 each for an actual gold coin, then what can you say?
  10. Can anyone explain all the different NGC awards? Or is there a page somewhere? What's the difference between the blue and the red awards?
  11. A quick trip to wikipedia reveals that it is a mythical creature described as "an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with the tusks of a boar and large horns that it can swivel in any direction"
  12. There are now 6 coins in this series, 2016 MS, 2016 PF, 2017 MS, 2017 PF, 2018 MS and 2018 PF. Cheers