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  1. A quick trip to wikipedia reveals that it is a mythical creature described as "an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with the tusks of a boar and large horns that it can swivel in any direction"
  2. There are now 6 coins in this series, 2016 MS, 2016 PF, 2017 MS, 2017 PF, 2018 MS and 2018 PF. Cheers
  3. I like NCLTs, most of my collection are in fact NCLTs but I prefer to call them silver bullions as most are 1oz silver content
  4. One thing that they could have done is just link the journal entries to each person's bio just like before, not sure why it's so hard to do, database wise.
  5. Ah OK, I understand what you mean now. Yes maybe we can ask NGC to let us choose which coin picture to use to represent that set. I checked several of my other sets and each set chose random coin to be featured (and always with the NGC label facing forward). Cheers and enjoy Lawrence
  6. Hi Star City Homer, Thanks for the reply, I have been travelling and usually I only browse the boards while relaxing at home Anyway I use the Hong Kong website because I submit my coins at NGC Hong Kong and have to download the submission form from the HK website. However it doesn't have submission tracking so for that I have to go to the US, not sure what NGC plans to do with these two country versions going forward. As for your comment about which photo is featured, I don't understand what you meant. Don't you get to upload your own photo if you want when you edit the coin? So far I've been lazy and only use the default NGC provided pictures but if I upload my own it will replace the default ones. Lastly thanks for the kind words about my Japanese 1000 yen set, I have every intention to remain number 1 in that set, ha! Cheers and happy collecting, Lawrence
  7. Thanks for the share My problem with coin photos has always been the reflection when it's a proof coin, any ideas? Cheers
  8. Finally managed to figure out this "new" journal, and here we go: Things happening in 2017: Completed Japan 1000-Yen Proof set, huzzah! Added and won 13 first ranked sets to my collection, yay! Should have been 14 if I hadn't been lazy in entering the last Australia Stock Horse set Should have been more than 14 had I known that 7 January 2018 was the date NGC distributed awards (need to pay more attention), not the deadline for award submissions, lol? Lost my first place in the Somali cat set Broke top 300 Things to do in 2018: Add more coins to the newly added Australia Silver Proofs sets, 2010, 2011, 2012, etc until 2018 Complete Netherlands and other types of Wilhemina 2.5G silver coins, 1929-1944 Crossover some PCGS coins Regain my first place in the Somali cat set (those 68s are killing my score, bah) Break top 200 Things not to do in 2018: Add more non maple RCM coins, they are legion, Things to suggest to NGC if anyone from there actually reads this journal: Combine and synchronize all the different country websites (I only use US and HK versions). The Hong Kong one is prettier than the US, but has no submission tracking Accept crossover from ANACS slabs Cheers. below is the pretty page that the HK version ( of NGC has (maybe the US version also has it, but I cannot find where it is)
  9. ilLOminatus

    The Beginning

    great story! I started with stamps when I was small, but in 2000 I realized that it will have no future, so I switched to silver 1 oz coins.
  10. I was one of the suckers who fell for it in the beginning when I first started buying slabbed coins (around 2011). About 6 months in I read that US Mint article and have stopped since, let's just call it 'tuition fee', lol.
  11. Can I ask how you setup the pictures? They look very nice