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  1. Vivid_coins

    Board Member = Ebay ID

    eBay ID: Vivid_coins
  2. I've got a 67+* going up soon.
  3. Most recent acquisition for my personal collection... 1909 PF66+BN CAC Lincoln Wheat Cent
  4. Vivid_coins

    Proof toned copper

    I am looking to buy nice toned NGC certified proof Lincoln cents. 1936 Brilliant to Current. Let me know if you have some wild toners! Paying good money
  5. Vivid_coins

    For the love of copper

    I had a 1911 S MS65+ CAC RB. Loved the coin but made good money. Now sits in pcgs 66 holder.
  6. Vivid_coins

    Does Wood Grain Toning Effect the Grade?

    I like wood grain tone.