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  1. Unless one is collecting modern coins especially bullion as they aren't really coins. Isn't that what you've posted on numerous occasions?
  2. Please add 2016 Coin and Chronicles Set variety to Silver Eagles, 1986-Date, Proofs (Incl. Varieties)
  3. I'm into this thread. I don't know about you all but most of my people have no clue nor interest about my passion for coin collecting (other than my heirs silently licking their chops) - ha. In any event my goals for this year are to take my collection into top 20 points overall, to finish the modern commemorative set in as close to all perfect 70 as possible and to advance my gold and platinum Eagle collection considerably. Oh yeah, and to advance my Top 50 and Top 100 modern coin sets. One year - but probably not this year I will explore collecting a non-modern set. My problem with that is that I really enjoy accumulating a lot of coins and the older coins seem like a more patient man's game. Happy New Year fellow numismatists. Kominsky
  4. Please hit me up if you want to sell one or both of these commemoratives.
  5. I received this news today. I'm all for it. I like that PCGS coins already registered still get credit. I think this helps NGC's elite status. Your thoughts?
  6. Please add 2014 W S$1 Eagle, MLB Players Edition to Silver Eagle Proof Set Including Varieties - see cert # 3971054-093
  7. NGC has never, to my knowledge, awarded extra points for first releases, early releases or first day of issue. Why is NGC awarding extra points for first day of issue in the very popular Presidential Dollar series???
  8. American Eagle and Buffalo --- Gold Bullion Issues, 1986-Date, Proofs
  9. 2006 and 2016 $50 Burnished Gold Eagle MS to Gold Bullion Issues, 1986-Date, Mint State and to Gold Bullion Issues, 1986-Date, Complete. Thank you!