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  1. Hi please, help me with this coin its not expensive for it? https://coinsberg.com/catalog/china/china-10-yuan-lunar-calendar-rooster-silver-coin-2005/
  2. I by token like this in this shop https://coinsberg.com/catalog/personalities/john-lennon-give-peace-a-chance-the-beatles-souvenir-gift/ The souvenir medal plated with precious metal depicts John Lennon, the British musician, now deceased. John Lennon was the leader of the legendary The Beatles band then later an influential solo artist till his death from a killer’s shot. The token shows the relief portrait of John Lennon on one side along with the full name of the musician and the dates of his life. His autograph is struck next to the image. The reverse side of the medal is colorized. It bears the famous quote from Lennon’s song with the same name. The phrase had become John’s life motto and the anthem of the hippie movement as well as the one of American movement against the war in Vietnam. The widely used peace symbol is placed in the center of the token on the rainbow backdrop.
  3. Both the color and the detail are especially appealing. Pretty pieces.
  4. Absolutely superb post and I must read for all your new members!
  5. Beautiful prooflike and amazing results... about 5 or 6 years ago now I asked for my first box of half dollars (it had 24 silvers, one 90%, 23 - 40%)... i was hooked and over the course of the next year i amassed roughly $5 worth of silver halves all bought for Face Value. Its a great hobby that can be very rewarding, few hobby's can actually make you money.