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  1. Morgan Dollar still the top draw, I see.... My latest for my Grand mother's birth Year Set:
  2. The new format takes a bit to get used to... took me quite awhile to locate this Thread... I guess my "handle" ELBESAAR has been retired and my name has taken its place. Considering my ELBESAAR Collections have been sold - and the new ones are named after my two Dobermans - "GINJAMAX" - should be the correct handle. Long Beach Heritage Auctions provided a few things for my new Proof V Nickel Collection:
  3. Jeff...that one would look GREAT in my AU 58 set !! Congrats - I know how hard it was to locate that date. Amazing coin. Welcome to ATS...
  4. Not being able to add new PCGS coins to my Registry sets here - leaves me kind of at odds over posting any coin in a PCGS holder. I had a great show at FUN - filled in many Liberty Nickels in MS & Proof for my sets. Still, no AU 58 dates I need. Regardless of TPG holder. One image that doesn't have a cert label - so - "its gender neutral" is a neat Pattern I got from Rich Uhrich .... I have waited for the right one to come along for close to 55 years... Its a Proof 64 CAM - and its now at CAC for their blessing. EDIT TO ADD: Last week I submitted this 1882 Pattern to CAC - and it Green Beaned !
  5. I also enjoyed answering the Numismaquest questions as well. It was a very enjoyable diversion. Sorry they discontinued it.
  6. Just thought the readership here should see the time and effort my photographer took to provide me with a look I'd like for my Proof Dimes: He took three images of each Proof Dime: 1894 - My favorite image: This is okay - a bit too overexposed... My least favorite - much too bright - but it does cover any and all imperfections:
  7. My YN got around to edit some pics he took for me last Memorial Day - I started bugging him a few months ago - as he was applying to Med School - I cut him some slack. He finished my Dimes - purchased from July, 2015 to May, 2016. I have to chuckle... I think I'm going a little over the top with NEWPS. Here's one of my favorites: Widest S/s I have ever seen.
  8. Sent in a few coins for True View and Regrade for a good friend. Here's one of my favorites: 360,435
  9. 1,700 + Hits since the last time I posted... busy thread - too bad more people don't post their coins more frequently.... Ok, - I have just won another Proof V Nickel. PCGS PR 65 - Not a CAM & its not CAC'd { yet }
  10. I am extremely happy for you. Locating that coin in that grade is accomplishment enough, but to actually "wheel and deal" for it, is quite a feat. Congratulations !! Looks like you are already having a Merry Christmas !! ???????❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️☃