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  1. I am experimenting with photographing Morgan Dollars. I tried coupe different lighting arrangements and ended up with two types of images of the same coin. I would take some help in figuring out which of the pictures is of more high quality (like Heritage's photos). I would also like to ask for help in taking better pictures of Morgan dollars, any tips and guidelines are appreciated. Are there any videos or how to's on taking photos from places like Heritage / Stacks / PCGS etc? It looks like they enhance most photos with tools, but they have the perfect lighting set up, very professional. Thank you! Lighting arrangement #1 and #2
  2. I love numismatics and I collect professionally graded coins (mostly gold and silver).I buy and sell few coins every month through eBay, coins shows, auctions etc.,My collection is worth approximately $75,000 and may grow when I add more coins to it.I own my collection at my home safe (about 300 coins, many key + gold DE) and I have insurance for my collection through AXA art Insurance company, that covers for theft, damage, fire etc.,Questions:1. Is it beneficial to form a LLC to own this collection? Any benefits? (cost about $500 to setup)2. As I trade coins can I form an LLC and charge the coin show expenses as a business expense?3. Any tax advantages on doing this?4. Will the LLC protect my collection from any law suits or judgements against me/my property?5. How do professional collectors protect their assets (cars/art/coins) etc?7. Can I get better insurance (rates/coverage) having a LLC own my coins? 8. Can I consider myself a dealler and get those privys? Iz it eoth it?Thank you.
  3. Thank you one and all. Special Thanks to Bill! I admire his (or her?) amazing knowledge and collection!
  4. Hello, Here to get some inputs. 1. Bid on ebay with ok quality photos. Won at $1,891 2. Got the coin in hand and was able to see up in close. 3.Tied my best to take pics - excuse me if its not professional Is this really a MS 64? is it over graded? Should I return it? Tried comparing some coins sold at HA and GC, not able to conclude. Need a some inputs please. This is my first No Motto DE for my gold type set in lower MS grades (62 to 64). My other "Motto" Saint is MS 65 common date. ebay link
  5. It looks like these two TPG's are fooling around with over grading. This is more concerning as this fooling around is costing some people (like who paid 20k for 95-W). Just a joke: Its time to open a numismatic regulatory board (NGB) with elected representatives and start regulatating TPG's and make them accountable. People who lost thousands will also have a venue to file warranted complaints to numismatic consumer protection bureau (NCPB). NGC's Mark Salzberg will file the 1st complaint against PCGS!!! ! David Hall will file the 2nd against NGC. It will be fun to watch... more people will leave the hobby and the 95-w will come down to $5k a piece sold by apmex on ebay!
  6. 1995-W S$1 PF 70 NGC Take a look at this 1995-w PF 70 NGC sold for $12k just few days back, its a steal deal compared to what market demands generally for this coin. Salzberg's analysis failed to take into account this sale. If it did, his point will be emphasized more! Just pointing out that his analysis is not completely accurate and also a fact that the Coin Market is in deep decline generally. I have several thousands of dollars invested/spent on coins, its for my enjoyment. I am always cautious dropping thousands on top grage hot coins as I see that over last 6 years most of them have come down in price, by even 50%! I stick to as close as possible to top grade(to avoid super premiums) but good looking ones.
  7. 1. It should take matter for few days to compile the same statistics on NGC coins. The big hurdle is downloading data and formatting it for analysis. 2. Got to see at the same time how has NGC population grown/diminished for the coins in discussion. has to eliminate cross overs form the population numbers, not sure if there is an accurate way to do it. 4. On prices, has to remove outliers such as the $80k paid for the 1995-w PF 70. Auctions data close to that date is suggesting prices were around ~20k 5. Similarly on the bottom end of pices, have to remove outliers 6. Include/exclude compensations for CAC stickered price premiums etc 7. Got to get more average pricing information to even out and get trends. 8. Will add more points....
  8. Went ahead and got it for $1,320 Its a beautiful coin. Very less scratches on cheeks and obverse compared to the MS 63's out there in the market. The reverse also looks decent. Maybe, few years later, I will send it to PCGS for an upgrade My photographic skills are just OK (obv poor lighting, rev is ok).. but here it is through my lens. O: R
  9. Appreciate Bill Jones's words! I like the eye appeal of this coin in this price range+grade. Glad to see one with less marks on the cheeks, again at this price+grade. Maybe I should go for it!
  10. My budget is about $1400 (+/-25) for a MS63 Liberty Double Eagle. I want to acquire this for a type set, I am building. I feel a MS63 is a good grade I would settle for in terms of price and quality for a type 3 liberty double eagle. I have an offer for $1345 for this coin below in pictures. Should I buy or pass this? Can I do better on a MS63 for about $1400 +/-25? This coin obviously has some issues, but I would like one where liberty cheeks are not scratched much in this grade, which is hard to find. This coin seems to have less scratches on cheeks, but has some dark greenish gold toning (on O+R). Is there a taste for this kind of toning in the market? What is the lighter colored smudge on the right wing of Eagle? At this grade,I feel, it also lacks the shine on the coin, is it dull looking or is it normal for this type of coin?
  11. Someone gave this to me, looks like they bought it as GS pawn for $100!!!! 1. Its graded Brilliant Uncirculated by NGC - what will be the correct MS grade on it? MS 62 -63? 2. Why does NGC give a grade like "BU" ? Any specific reason?
  12. I actually low balled this seller and was shocked to get accepted. I was wondering as the auction prices were around $1700+, ebay listing will ask for more than them...
  13. If I plan to keep it... Can I try sending it to ngc for cross over as this is in my registy, i can also get a 50% off? Or should i send it to pcgs for just replacing the slab? They won't downgrade it correct?