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  1. Hi everyone I bought a bag of mixed coins from an auction recently and I found 1 that I never came across before. And I would like to know some more about it if anybody could help ? It's a British penny from 1964 but it's not a usual penny copper colour it's silver coloured ? it has queen Elizabeth II one side with the words (GRATIA.REGINA.FD:+ELIZABETH.II.DEI) going around the edge. And brittania on the other side says ( one penny ) one word each side and the date at the bottom (1964) I have done some searching on the net and can't find another like it ? I found one website that said there were none minted in 1964 ? Could it be a fake ? Would somebody fake a 1 penny ? Any kind of info would be good many thanks Stewart. I tried to upload pictures but couldn't figure it out I will give it another try tomorrow