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  1. Those 2 are actually Rev Proofs, A similar description is used in the 5 cent which is an eligible coin for the 5 cent slot. Coin IDs: 1 cent Rev Proof is 822361 1 dollar Rev Proof is 825085 Thanks edit: and thanks for looking into these issues for me.
  2. also, on the "San Francisco Mint 50th Anniversary Set, Reverse Proof, 2018, Complete" set The "2018 S 1C FIRST RELEASES 50TH ANNIV-SF MINT PF SET" and the "2018 S SACAGAWEA $1 JIM THORPE-FIRST RELEASES 50TH ANNIV-SF MINT PF SET" are not included as eligible coins for the their respective slots in the set so I can't add those 2 coins to my set. thanks
  3. There seems to be an error in the 2014 Baseball Hall of Fame Commemorative Scores The $1 Mint State Coin has a higher score for the MLB Players Celebration Series (Score ID 112485) vs any of the other labels. This has allowed 1 collector who has that particular labeled coin to jump over 20 collectors who have had perfect sets for years. Can you please look at this and fix it prior to the Awards Determination. Thanks
  4. Awesome, just deleted a bunch of sets. This has reaffirmed to me that I will not be completing any of my not completed US sets, so those are all going. Haven't decided what to do about the sets that I was tied for first but am now loosing due to the tie breaker, which coincidentally, I still haven't gotten my certificates from last December. I may leave those sets on the registry in protest. PS: I was buying both PCGS and NGC coins prior to the changes in January.
  5. Finally got one, wanted one since I was a kid. Awesome toning on the reverse.
  6. Why does it matter where the coin was struck if the only way you can differentiate them is on mint box?
  7. Here is my most recent purchase. It is a MS 62 - 1806A France 2 Francs that I picked up for my Napoleon Type Set. It has an incredible surface which the pictures just don't do it justice. The observe picture does a slightly better job of showing the different colors that dance across the surface depending on the way the light is hitting it. Thanks for looking.