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  1. Thanks for the comments. I found one for sale at $3300 dollars and the pics show mine compared to that one. Mine is much nicer!
  2. Sheik Sheck

    OGH Rattlers

    OK, to summarize. OGH or rattlers DO NOT increase the value of a coin. It's just a myth. Most folks purchase the coin, not the holder. There is no real evidence that OGH improve the value. Also, that the grading standards were "tougher" back in the 80's and that is the reason values may be greater...that's not a real fact either. It's really just a marketing tactic so on Ebay, for the rookie or untrained eye, if I hear enough times in the title description of a coin, "Awesome Coin in OGH" then i might get a premium if the buyer believes that OGH has some intrinsic value. But those collectors t
  3. Beaming. Like a new father. Thanks.
  4. Here is my newly graded MS-62 Cha'Or Flanders (1346-1384) Fr-163 Louis II De Male !!
  5. Sheik Sheck

    OGH Rattlers

    Thanks for the information and links. Very informative.
  6. Sheik Sheck

    OGH Rattlers

    Is there real evidence that old holders command a premium? And is there any real documentation that grading standards were stricter? Also, what id a "doily" holder? Thanks.
  7. Sheik Sheck

    OGH Rattlers

    OK, I am sure this has been well discussed many times over but I thought I would ask anyway. Do OGH or "rattlers" really have anything other than sentimental value? WHy keep them in OGH's instead of reholdering in a new, improved display slab?
  8. Send me your adress, I have a Zimbabwe gift for your son. Congrats.