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  1. Hello Mr. Hewitt, We have sent you an email with directions on how to manually add your coin to the slot. Please let us know when we may assist in the future. Thank you.
  2. Maribeth

    Register coins graded by PCGS

    Hello bigse, As of January 3, 2017, NGC Registry sets no longer accept PCGS coins. Mark Salzberg, NGC’s chairman, wrote a heartfelt letter to explain the reasons behind this change. You can read the full letter here: Mark Salzberg's Announcement. NGC has no plans to remove PCGS-certified coins that have already been added to NGC Registry Competitive Sets. These coins will remain eligible for the NGC Registry until they are removed from a set. Thank you.
  3. Hello, Please follow the directions below to add your coin manually. Thank you.
  4. Hello Chris B., Thank you for the inquiry. There are many factors involved when making the decision to mark a coin as non-competitive in an NGC Competitive Registry Set. These factors may include low mintage, difficulty in obtaining/purchasing the coin, and an unusually high price in relation to the other coins required to fill the set. These factors are considered when our senior numismatic team makes the decision, which is done on a coin by coin basis. We aim to make 100% completion of any registry set attainable for our average collector. If a coin you own is marked as non-competitive, we do offer Custom NGC Registry sets as an option to display all of your coins in the manner in which you desire. If you are interested in an NGC Custom Registry Set, please let us know, and we are happy to assist you. You may reach us at Thank you.
  5. Hello, khafre, This information was posted on Saturday regarding a server issue. We are aware of a server issue that is impacting some functionality on the NGC, CGC, PMG, CCS and Collectors Society websites. There is interruption in the following functionality: 1. Submission Tracking 2. Certification Number Lookup 3. Registry items entered during this time will fail to be validated. We are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
  6. Hello Chris B., Thank you for the request. We have added the slot to the set. Please let us know when we may be of assistance again in the future.
  7. Maribeth

    listed values

    Hello, and thank you for your inquiry. NGC Collection Manager and the NGC Registry only display prices for graded, certified coins that are listed in the on-line price guides seen on our web site. If there is not a price displayed in our price guides, then it will not display a price for a graded coin in the Collection Manager or in a Registry Set. Please click below to view our US Price Guide: If you have questions or comments about prices for US Coins, please direct your inquiries to James Bisognani here at NGC. You may email James at . If you have additional questions regarding the registry, please email and we will be happy to assist.
  8. Maribeth

    Point Drop for Turkey Registry Sets

    Hello Mohawk, Thank you for the inquiry. NGC will periodically review scores and make any necessary adjustments at that time. We recently completed a review of the scores for these sets and any changes were made across the board for all collectors. We place a score value on each coin that is based on the relative rarity of its type, date and grade. This value takes many factors into account such as grade, population, market value, eye appeal and expert opinion. When a set is ranked in the registry, its rank is judged based on the total of the individual scores of all the coins. As a basic guide to our system, collectors can look to the market as an excellent method of comparing the relative rarity of one coin to another. There is simply no better indicator of how much a coin is desired. There is, however, no one perfect source that accounts for all the elements needed to be considered when ranking sets in the Registry. Comparative values of coins in the market can appear distorted (especially at the top end). On the other hand, the grades alone are a poor indicator of how much "finer" a coin is because the grade does not reflect the rarity of a coin. Through extensive market research, we are able to provide a ranking system that recognizes the intelligence of the market, but offers a more true reflection of relative rarity than does market value, because it appropriately adjusts for market distortions.
  9. Maribeth

    Jefferson Proofs

    Hello Michael, The Enhanced 2017S is eligible in the Enhanced Uncirculated Set category as well as the Jefferson NIckels 1938-Date Complete set. Please follow the directions below to manually enter your coin in to your Proof set. If you need further assistance, please email
  10. Maribeth

    2017 S Jefferson Enhanced jefferson

    Hello bsshog40, This coin is eligible in the 225th Anniversary US Mint Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set, 2017, Complete set. This is listed under US Sets - Enhanced Uncirculated Mint Sets. Please let us know when we may assist again in the future. For a quicker response, you may send inquiries to Thank you.
  11. Hello Star City Homer, We have made the necessary updates to the set. Thank you and please let us know when we may assist next.
  12. Hello jgenn, Thank you for the request. We have added the slot and you may now enter your coin. Please let us know when we may assist in the future.
  13. Hello keys213, Thank you for the request. We have added the slots.
  14. Hello keys213, We have added the slots you requested. Thank you .
  15. Hi Terry, Would you please send your certification numbers to We will be happy to research the best way to display your coins. Thank you.