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  1. I would like to see a competitive U.S. One Dollar Gold (1849-1889) Circulation type set for the three types of gold Dollars. There are three basic designs/types of Gold Dollars 1849-1889. The years for the types are: Type 1 1849-1854; Type 2 1854-1856; Type 3 1856-1889. These coins were produced at 5 mints i.e., Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Charlotte and Dahlonga. The three type coins could come from any mint. If the five mint issues, the Charlotte and Dahlonga are rare and expensive. As such I have not specified this to be a Mintmark set. I believe this would an affordable compet
  2. Good Morning Ali; This is Robaire from Venice, FL. What I am asking for is NGC reconsidering my request of a few months ago that was turned down regarding the addition of the Morgan Dollar 1900-O/CC to the following: Category: Dollars Set Type: Carson City Morgan Dollars 1878-1893 MY NGC 1900-O/CC is listed as an AU 58, #4730557-001 I would like the coin to be listed as "Non Competitive 1900-O/CC For Display Only" I understand that there are numerous places to enter the 1900-O/CC in the Registry. Conversely I believe that many who collects Carson City Dollars would
  3. Good Morning Ali This "Bart" Bartanowicz from Venice (NGC Alias Robaire). I was disappointed but not heart broken that you all rejected my proposal to add the 1900 O/CC to the Carson City Set as a non-competitive coin. I do have the coin in my Morgan Dollar (one per mint set). I wasn't really interested in Registry points but just thought that it would make a nice talking point for CC collectors. Despite the rejection I still like NGC and I am appreciative of all the work you do for the hobby. Take care and best wishes to all. Bart
  4. This is a two part question: a. I would like to know what resolution specs that NGC uses as their images are excellent. b. Second part, talking about unholdered coins, a lot of raw coins that I see on the internet that are supposedly high resolution are not good - and the usual response from owners is "I'm not good at taking photos and my camera says this is high resolution".... Of course less expensive cameras may not have the best features. Did this help?
  5. I take my own photo/images as well as download images of coins that I have purchased. Most downloaded images are touted as high resolution but I see a wide range in quality from excellent to so-so. NGC images and the "other" major grading service images and auction houses are of course excellent but others are in the "so-so" not so great category. The question is what are the high resultion parameters.
  6. Makes sense to me. I would probably add this to a current NGC set.
  7. Could you let me have the KM Number for each Centavo and Sol? Robaire
  8. Good Evening Alex; Could you provide more detail e.g., how many coins would there be in this set and how many coins are listed in the NGC Census? Thanks.............Robaire
  9. Very Interesting.... This is something that collectors would be interested in! I'm sure that the Mint would be overjoyed to see their mishaps displayed (Heh-Heh) to the world! Seriously though, I'm all for this as it is another avenue to get folks engagad in the hobby. I would like to see the suggestor come up with a strawman that folks could look at. I do like the idea of a non-competitive set. As far as the Mint goes, with the billions of coins they strike I think they have done a pretty good job and I would hope that they wouldn't take umbrage.
  10. My first reaction to this request was "Why...." On the other hand, and on reflection, I was being snobbish. Collecting can be expensive and there are a lot of folks who are entry level collectors and modern quarters are interesting and don't break the bank. With that in mind why not provide folks with the opportunity to compete in many different ways in this realm. I'm not being clear--i need to get my coffee before I muddle my response any worse.. I agree with the requestor.
  11. I am always inclined to ask whether or not a new set will increase interest or add a new dynamic. I like that the requestor is forthright in laying out how many folks are currently collecting Canadian dollars. I assume that he is not asking that the two presents be eliminated but that we have an addtional new set. There would be 23 possible participants with the new combined set. Will the new set attract new Registry participants? My take is probably not. On the other hand if a majority of the 23 current participants like the idea of creating a new set, then why not as long as the two present
  12. I just reviewed the Roosevelt dime sets and was surprised at the amount of interest in the coins especially those with a full torch. I like the idea and a silver set that includes both proof and business strikes could get some more competition and increase interest in the series itself. Just a matter of time before these coins start to get scarce. Bottom line I support the idea.
  13. As the expression goes "This is outside of my wheel house" but from what I read it appears to be quite a task. My question with any proposed set is how many Segovia Mint 8 Reales coins have been graded by NGC in each year group? This would provide an idea of what the population for your proposed Registry set might be.
  14. Impressive looking coin. My question is how many of the 1838-1851 issues have been graded by NGC? e