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  1. DWLange, thanks for taking the time to post and the info. William
  2. Hello people, I am looking for any information regarding the Caribbean Hoard. I posted in Ask NGC, but don’t think the topic passed muster. All the coins I have seen from this hoard seem to be small denomination French Colonial Sou Marque coins. Does anyone have any further info on this hoard they can share, I.e. location/date found or any other mentions? I did an extensive web search, and the only results I got were coins similar to my recent acquisition. Thanks in advance, William
  3. All the coins I have seen seem to be small denomination French Colonial Sou Marque coins, anyone have any info on location/date found or any other info? Thanks in advance, Billy
  4. Hi Matt, sent you a couple of emails, no response. Billy
  5. Thanks Matt, saw that after I posted, hence trying to delete my post, sent you a new email this morning Billy
  6. Is the word “nymph” spelled wrong on my label? Do I have any recourse? Thanks in advance, Billy
  7. Yes, that is my opinion. Remember size was an average, some flans were larger while others were smaller. No two exactly alike. Also, looking at the surface of your coin I would guess it has spent considerable time underground in a not dry environment, and the copper/bronze has reacted with the soil. Afterwards, I believe someone has removed the natural patina, probably in some type of strong acid, to expose bare metal. Billy
  8. See Sear #4402 ae14, because of the magistrates name, I believe it to be a worn Sear #4401, ae19
  9. Matt, thank you for the speedy and informative reply. Billy
  10. Came across many ancient greek coins on Ebay recently, that do not carry a grade. Was my understanding that there was 2 tiers for grading ancients, Standard and Economy, both of which carry grades. These coins appear legit and are verified on the NGC registry, can anyone from NGC please explain why no grades? thanks in advance, Billy
  11. I understand there are 2 tiers of grades for Ancient Coins, Economy and Standard this coin does not have a grade, is this legit and/or a new tier from NGC? thanks in advance, William
  12. Just recently rekindled my passion for collecting ancient greek coins. In the last little while I have come across an interesting niche group, certified shipwreck coins. Doing a quick search I was able to discover NGC certified coins from the following shipwrecks, - El Cazador - Sao Jose - Atocha - 1715 Fleet - Admiral Gardner - La Capitana - SS New York - SS Republic Is there a list anywhere online for me to investigate? Can you (or others) add any ships to my list? Thanks in advance... Billy