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  1. Hi Ali, I would love to see a set for the Brazil 1000 Reis series either as singe series or multiple series covering the issue time (4 types cover the reign of Pedro II. A type set currently exists but not something that covers the series by year. Here are my coins that fit in such a set: 4434981-032 4434981-052 4434981-058 4434981-137 4434981-142 4434981-154 4434981-167 Thanks for your consideration. - Terry
  2. I am experiencing the same thing. It is has been going on long enough that I hope NGC will actually address this and let us know how long we can expect to be unable to add/lookup coins.
  3. Hi Ali, Can you add the 1936(b) slot to the India - British Colony - 1/12 Anna (1 Pie), George V, 1912-1936, Circulation Issue set. My coin for this slot is 2825768-012. It is also missing in the set India - British Colony - 1/12 Anna (1 Pie), 1862-1942, Circulation Issue. Thanks for your help. - Terry
  4. Hi Maribeth, I would like to see a set added to Germany - 1919-Date to cover the 1 Mark 1950-2001 (KM110). Thanks, Terry
  5. Maribeth, Thanks for the adjustment. - Terry
  6. Can't know for sure from this one picture. But it ought to be one of the following: Pakistan, 2 Paisa, KM25a, Pakistan, 10 Paisa, KM 27 Pakistan, 10 Paisa, KM 31 Look those up and compare the coin and you should be able to find it.
  7. Maribeth, Thanks for the new sets in Denmark, Sweden, and Italian States section - they look great. Based on my initial examination, I do have one suggestion to better one of the sets. For the Denmark 10 Ore, 1874-1899 set, I would recommend adding slots for 1903(h) VBP, 1903/803(h) VBP, 1904(h) VBP, 1905(h) VBP as this series continued until 1905. - Terry
  8. Hi. Definitely Arabic -script on this one. The inscription is too worn and small for my very limited skills. I would recommend posting it on worldofcoins.eu as I am sure someone there will be able to identify it. You will probably want to provide a size and weight to help with ID.
  9. Hi Ali and Maribeth, Can you look at adding more sets for Norway, which is highly under-represented. I am specifically interested in a Multi-Denomination Type set, a 1 Kr Type set, and 1 Kr 1951-57 set.
  10. Can you add a slot for the "2017 Microcosm" coin in the Austria "Silver 25 Euro, 2003-Date, Mint State" set. Thanks.
  11. Hi Ali, Could you guys consider adding a Prussia Gold Type set(1872-1915) with the various denominations (5,10,20 Marks) and their types ? I would also love to see German States 2 Mark, 3 Mark, and 5 Mark Silver type sets which cover the various issuing states under the German Empire. Thanks for your consideration. - Terry
  12. Hi Ali, I wanted to ask a couple of questions on the following set: Multi-Country (Incl. Euro) > Gold Sovereign, One Per Ruler Per Mint, 1817-Date, Circulation Issue. First, I was wondering why the Mumbai Mint (I mint mark) sovereigns of George V from India , a one year type from 1918, are not listed. Also, you have 1908 as a valid year for Ottawa Mint Sovereigns when that is a specimen-only date I believe (mintage of 636). Is it your policy to consider Specimen strikes as circulation strikes ? Thanks for all the great work. - Terry
  13. Would it be possible to build out the Italian States listings for Naples. Specifically, I would love to see Type sets for the Monarchs Ferdinand I, Francesco I, Ferdinand II, Francesco II as well as Series entries for the Kingdom of the 2 Sicilies for at least the key denominations, such as 1/2,1,3,10 Tornesi and 10,20,60,120 Grana. I can provide detailed rundowns if that would help. - Terry
  14. Hi, Can you add a 5 Drachmai slot to the Type Set, King George l, 1863-1913, Circulation Issue. He also issues Gold 10 and 20 Drachmai coins if it makes sense to add those too. Thanks, Terry
  15. Ali, thanks. I did not see the World Sets: Spain: Isabel ll, Type Set, 1848-1864, Decimal Coinage, Circulation Issue. That is what I was after. - Terry