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  1. How the heck to get these coins out without damage, I assume the plastic cylinder has shrunk - eh.
  2. I have 2 1983 Lincolns that look brass plated one weighs 2.01 g the other weighs 2.50 g . You can see from the crappy photos the orange peel like finish on the heavy coin . It looks like someone plated this in their garage. Whats the current story of these coins I have heard someone say they sold 1 for 500$ and another person say they are worth 1 cent.
  3. Don't worry about sounding negative - I can take it -
  4. "Spain made futile attempts to retain its former colonies, such as at the Siege of Callao (1826), but after death of King Ferdinand VII of Spain, in 1836 government of Spain renounced its territorial and sovereignty claims over all of continental America. In 1867 Spain signed a peace treaty with Peru and in 1879 it signed a treaty recognizing Peru's independence." Do you think this coin was made with silver stolen from the Incas hundreds of years before ?
  5. Here is a penny worth a few bucks. I am using the RED BOOK to try to grade it. I would say somewhere between very fine and ex fine. Although the coin is very dirty with some green mung on it. Nice chocolate brown color. If you were to sell this coin what would you grade it ? If you wanted to buy this coin would you grade it the same ? Obvious noob questions.
  6. Would this coin be considered a real "Pieces of Eight"
  7. Two Lincolns with date problems. Are these considered die errors ?
  8. Would this die crack enhance or detract from the value of this raw 1883 v nickel ? There seems to be a crack on obverse and reverse
  9. This coin was on an auction site (something like "government auctions") usauctionbrokers I,m fine with the humorous retorts. This coin just caught my eye, but I think I have heard that old coins like this can be cast.I am enjoying this forum and learn something new every day. Next time I will try to give more info with my post.
  10. If a coin gets conserved is that made clear after it is graded. This photo shows coin that has been cleaned - would it say that if it was conserved versus scrubbed ?
  11. Here is a very poor example, but a Conder nonetheless. Dublin ? HALFPENNY "INDUSTRY HAS ITS SURE REWARD" AND "CANAC" INSTEAD OF CAMAC
  12. Thanks for info. Whats the deal with ultrasonic machines, do they just agitate whatever liquid you put in the machine, so if the coin was in some type of holder to make it stable it could not get scratched? Has anyone ever used ultrasonic with acetone or olive oil ?I'm only interested in conserving coins with various dirt and gunk on them.Seems a shame to let a coin continue to corrode when it could be conserved. So if I was to soak this coin in acetone , how long should it soak, a few minutes, hours, days ? I know the least amount of time would be best.