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  1. Very pretty Saint! I've found so often that some of the "lower grade" uncs have such better eye appeal than many of the higher graded coins. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. jtryka

    Question about saints

    Gold coins especially larger ones, can look a lot worse under magnification in photos. I've found that large photos can magnify flaws that in hand are really quite minor and to not detract from the overall look of a coin.
  3. jtryka

    I am new here

    Welcome! What have you landed on in terms of collecting? Don't worry, we won't hold you to it if you change your mind later!
  4. jtryka

    If at first you don't Succeed!

    What a great story and lesson! Congrats on this one, I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many years to come!
  5. The mail lady was good to me today, got this one to upgrade the cleaned net graded one I had.
  6. I picked this one up today:
  7. I am taking a few duplicate bust halves to a new dealer in town tomorrow, but thought I'd give some of you folks an opportunity beforehand, so PM me before 9 am ET on Jan. 5th if you're interested in any of these: 1808/07 O-101 Fine $150 1808 O-017a VF $225 1808 O-108 F/VF $180 1817 O-111 AG $50 1821 O-103 Fine $120 1828 O-110 Fine $85 All prices include shipping, photos are available on request, thanks for looking.
  8. Just had a very good transaction with Matt_Dac, quick shipping and very easy to deal with. Thanks Matt!
  9. Well last week I found a 1915-D penny in the coinstar reject at the supermarket and this week I found this, my oldest circulation find!
  10. Yes, O-114, the large spacing between the 50 and C on the reverse is a key diagnostic.
  11. This one arrived in the mail yesterday, a die marriage I didn't previously have!
  12. jtryka

    Question about saints

    I would advise you to look at as many as you can in person, keep in mind that photos can really accentuate the flaws and so a coin that in person might be a nice Unc would look like a terrible AU in a huge blown up photo. Also, look at the coin and not the holder, of all my Saints, some of my personal favorites are graded MS-62, but were slabbed 20+ years ago, so they might grade MS-64 today, so be aware that grading standards have loosened over time. Also, you can go for some nice certified unc. common dates, but you might also consider some better dates in lower grades that might actually be rarer coins and much more desirable. There were literally tens, if not hundreds of thousands of common date coins (1920s Philly mint) that were in bags in European banks that have come on the market since the 1940s, but find a nice 1909-D, or any branch mint from the 1920s besides the 23-D and you have a coin that demands more attention. It's a fun set, and I think I started with a similar idea to you, get a few nice unc examples, but that progressed to trying to complete a set and I'm now 12 away, not including the 33!
  13. I found this one today at the supermarket in the coin star reject bin. Wandering over a century and finally rejected by technology!
  14. Yes, I like the design, but I find them darn near impossible to grade!
  15. Picked this one up from a local shop last week, I seldom buy Indians, but let's call it an impulse purchase.