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  1. Hard to tell even with video, but this just struck me a a nicely toned AU coin, which can at times looks reflective, but not really mirror like, which is how I see this coin. But again tough to say from images.
  2. I won a best presented set back in 2005, which is good enough for me! Congrats to all of this year's winners!
  3. And the #2 reverse (apparently my files are too big!)
  4. It depends on the set and the price differential. I am certain I have some hole fillers in my mercury and buffalo sets, but I don't really care about them. I filled up the books years ago and I doubt I've looked at them more than a handful of time since. For my Saint set I bought a cleaned 24-D. but it was nice. Bought a 1794 half and that was a definite hole filler, but I don't feel bad about it.
  5. This is truly never going to end. So, I reordered two mint sets, and they arrived today and one of the boxes seemed suspiciously light, I open it up and sure enough, there is only a set of Denver coins and no Philadelphia coins. I need to write a book about this and send it to the Mint Director...
  6. Indeed dubya3, I started with a 1924 Saint in MS-62 and it's still in my collection!
  7. Recently I noticed that most of the low-mintage new issues by the mint haven't really done so well. A few years ago, it seemed that any new issue with a mintage of 100,000 or less would sell out within 15 minutes of going on sale, but recently that hasn't been the case at all. The last "sellout" was the Apollo 11 5-ounce silver dollar which had a household limit seemed to sell out within a few days, but 6 months later they were available again and you can buy them for the issue price with no limits. This past week we had two limited edition items go on sale, the American Liberty silver medal with a mintage of 50,000 and a household limit of 1 per household was released yesterday and today is still available with the order limits lifted. The 2018 reverse proof American innovation dollar had a mintage of 75,000 with an order limit of 5 was released on Wednesday and was still available yesterday (though I just checked and it's no longer available, at least for now). The Pride of Two nations set was release on July 3, with a reverse proof silver eagle and mintage of 110,000 and it's still available. Do you think this is a case of demand waning, or perhaps all the big dealers that used to rush in to buy out everything and then mark it up killed their golden goose? Or maybe a combination of the two?
  8. This one arrived a couple weeks ago, not an upgrade, and not really sure why I bought it...
  9. Hard to tell from the photos, but if one of your 1921 silver dollars is a Peace dollar, that should rate a premium, also I think 1894 is a better date Morgan which should also be worth a premium (especially if a philly issue). Best of luck!
  10. Well, here is the latest. Last week I received an alert that the US Mint issued a credit for $21.95 to my credit card account. No letter, no e-mail, not communication regarding what was determined after I filed the missing items affidavit. So today I called and a nice young lady informed me that they would be sending me the bonus proof cents for the silver proof set separately within 4-6 weeks, but that they had refunded the uncirculated set and that I would need to re-order that item. So, the saga continues...
  11. So today my "Pride of Two Nations" set arrived, and the coins are quite beautiful, but my question came when I reviewed the little booklet that came with the set which you can see in the photo below. In it, the Silver Eagle contains 1.000 troy ounce of silver, or 31.103 grams which is correct from what I've been able to tell. But the Canadian Maple Leaf is listed as containing 1.000 troy ounce, or 31.39 grams. They are both pure silver, so I can't think there would be an alloy issue (like with gold eagles that are only 22 karat and hence the 1-ounce coin weighs more than an ounce to get a net 1-ounce weight). Anyone have any idea why this would be, or perhaps it's just a typo?