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  1. So each year I order sets to break up an put in my albums, not a big deal really, in most cases the coins are exceptional quality and all is good. This year because of the bonus penny offered with each set, I ordered an extra silver set (usually I order one since I have a complete set of silver proof sets in original packaging since they started in 1992, then I just buy the silver dime I need for the Dansco). So they arrived today, 2 silver proof sets and a mint set. Here's what I found: The bonus pennies were all outside of their respective envelopes and in the bottom of the box (had trouble finding the last one as it was under the cardboard flap of the box and almost escaped). So I found all the appropriate pieces of my order, time to open the sets and start filling albums. Unfortunately, the cents in both silver proof sets were completely hazy (now I understand this can happen over time, but I really don't want the hazy cent on a brand new set!). Then I open the mint set, the Denver coins are fine, but then on the Philly page, the dime is missing. Apparently it fell down in the packaging, but again, I don't want to open the set to find if my dime is damaged! Imagine if I just wanted to have the set to display it, that would be awkward. So bottom line I have to return everything in my order. At least they are replacing it all for me and sending a return label, but I really just wish I could get what I ordered right the first time. Is anyone else noting issues like this?
  2. Bicentennial Ikes have two styles of lettering on the reverse, a thin lettering as you posted and a heavier lettering. I believe one style was minted in 1975 and included in that year's mint/proof sets and the second variety was included in the 1976 sets, but I may be mistaken on that.
  3. Picked this one up today at a local show, my first coin from the Jules Reiver collection. This one graded AU-55 by NGC.
  4. Got the 1806 at a coin show on Saturday and the 1814 arrived today in the mail. The latter is arguably the best date for die clashes in the series and this one has a nice clash below the eagle's wing.
  5. Man I can't stand running, so I think of it more like floating down a lazy river on a raft during an endless summer. Sometimes you hit a log, sometimes you stop and get out on the bank and have lunch, sometimes you go exploring a bit further up the bank. You know you're heading downstream, but you really don't know where that is, and you really don't care. That's what this hobby seems like to me.
  6. This one came in the mail today! Unfortunately it's a duplicate die marriage...but I think I'll still keep it! This is a fun one with double T and Y in LIBERTY and so many die cracks!
  7. Picked this one up at a local shop on Saturday:
  8. This one arrived in the mail today, it's been a while since I've filled a hole in the penny book, I think the last one was the 09-S, but still two holes left to be filled!
  9. The 1925 is common in almost every grade, NGC has graded over 55,000 and there are more than 4,000 in MS-65.
  10. I know I've purchased coins before this one, but as near as I can tell, this is the first coin I ever bought in a Heritage auction back in June of 2000. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time and is still in my collection.
  11. Why does it look like Liberty's throat was slashed? If that's a scratch on the coin it might prevent it from grading, though it certainly looks to be AU to me.
  12. This one just arrived in the mail today, just a common date upgrade.