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  1. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Sweet bust halves! Who are they from?
  2. Pet Peeve 2018

    It's funny, I realized a long time ago that there are some aspects of the hobby that don't interest me, whether high-grade moderns, patterns, fractional currency, etc. but it doesn't do me or anyone else any good to demean those who do enjoy them. To each his own! As for the other thread about women in the hobby, I had the pleasure of visiting a cousin a few weeks ago and I found out that my late aunt actually collected coins! I think she got into it because of my grandfather, but when I visited my cousin, she had me look through them and I was amazed. There was nothing of spectacular value, but here was a woman that just saved interesting coins from circulation. She put them in albums and others in pill bottles or envelopes. At the time they were probably "dreck" to some, but filling albums with what were then modern coins, now have a lovely collection of uncirculated silver dimes, quarters and halves with some of the prettiest toning I've seen. And she just did it for fun and to pass the time, nothing wrong with that!
  3. Looks to be made of non-silver (check to see if magnetic, lots of Chinese fakes are steel). Also check the edges and diameter. It's not impossible to find, but if you did find a real 1804 dollar at a flea market, you're the luckiest person alive on planet earth!
  4. Never submitted to NGC before...questions

    Once you sign up for an account, submitting is easy (I just submitted a bunch of notes to PMG). You can fill out each line item on the form submission or there is an option for a printable pdf. I find the online form easy as you get everything in there correctly and then it automatically formats and prints the 4 needed copies. Once you click submit, it's live in the system and they do a nice job of e-mailing when things happen (last week I received an e-mail that the submission was received). Now I can check each day if I want and see the submission go through each stage (since mine are economy, I don't check very often) but with a high-value coin going through a walk through or express, you can check and see the results more quickly. Hope this helps.
  5. Coins in movies

    I was watching a western show on TV yesterday and it was actually a reasonable use, though a little off. I believe it was set in the late 1800s, but they were using early 20th century large size nationals, but at least they were legitimate large size nationals!
  6. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    These arrived in the mail today, 1820 O-101, O-102 and O-103, not sure I could do that again if I tried!
  7. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I got these two along with some other lots (Barber halves, peace dollars and some notes) at an auction in Nevada last week:
  8. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    This one arrived in the mail today, man these things are addictive!
  9. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    I got this one at a local coin show today, a nice XF example of the O-121a.
  10. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Picked these up from the post office today, the first is an upgrade from a F to a VF, the second was not an upgrade based on the slab grade, but I think it's a nicer coin than my current VF.
  11. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    How is changing the value of the dollar from 1/20.67 oz of gold to 1/35 ounce of gold not "regulating the value" of money?
  12. Any Chance The Langboard's will win their in case?

    I'm not a lawyer, but Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution says pretty explicitly that "The Congress shall have the power...To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;" so I'm not sure how FDR got the power to unilaterally withdraw all gold coinage and then subsequently change the value of said coinage by ~70%, perhaps one of you who believe that executive order 6102 was lawful could explain that...
  13. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Picked this one up on Saturday at the Grand Rapids Coin Club Show, I believe it's an O-115a.
  14. Congrats on your new granddaughter!!!
  15. What a great report, I felt like I was there (and I always love reading your posts from big shows I never attend and look at all the wonderful photos!). I have a wine blog and can certainly appreciate your taste in wine as well. As for the TSA experience, I can only offer that I travel a lot for work and Denver by far has the worst TSA agents in the country! I couldn't imagine trying to get through security with valuable inventory! Thanks again for the awesome post and congratulations on the award, it is well deserved!