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  1. Yes, that luster in the protected areas and the halo toning pattern are both favorites of mine on bust halves.
  2. I'm unfamiliar with that Sacagawea, what set did it come in?
  3. These two came last weekend.
  4. Got a mini-type set of lettered edge halves in the mail yesterday, and surprisingly all three die marriages I did not have!
  5. That's a very interesting article and shows how much things have evolved over the years. I am a big fan of "The Secret History of the First United States Mint" which has many such stories and the many treasures found in the building over the years before it was finally torn down.
  6. I am such a sucker for overdates and pretty colors, I believe this is my fifth example of this die marriage.
  7. I found this one at a local shop today, bought it because it was pretty, and as a bonus it was a die marriage I didn't already have!
  8. Interesting collecting goals, this is my latest addition, they only come ever 4-5 years now as the remaining holes are very tough. I also have an affinity for Classic Head half eagles as I like the design, short series and underappreciated (dare I say completely ignored) by collectors. Also attached the last one of those I got (I think that was the last one I got )
  9. I picked this one up at the Grand Rapids Coin Club show yesterday, it's an O-107a, love the shattered die as there are cracks all over this one!
  10. Looks like a very pretty penny!
  11. Yes, it's grown a little bit since then, but it's still around! And Bob, it was a minor stroke almost 5 years ago, but I'm doing fine now.
  12. Wow, such a blast from the past, for a minute I thought I was having another stroke! Good to see you again Victor!
  13. jtryka

    Reverse Proofs/Proofs

    I broke up a couple of proof sets for my albums, so I have some extras. Prices include shipping to the US, PM me if you are interested: 2018-S Clad Proof Quarters $15 2018-S Reverse Proof Silver Quarters $38 2018-S Proof Native American Dollar $8 2018-S Reverse Proof Native American Dollar $10