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  1. Interesting collecting goals, this is my latest addition, they only come ever 4-5 years now as the remaining holes are very tough. I also have an affinity for Classic Head half eagles as I like the design, short series and underappreciated (dare I say completely ignored) by collectors. Also attached the last one of those I got (I think that was the last one I got )
  2. I picked this one up at the Grand Rapids Coin Club show yesterday, it's an O-107a, love the shattered die as there are cracks all over this one!
  3. Looks like a very pretty penny!
  4. Yes, it's grown a little bit since then, but it's still around! And Bob, it was a minor stroke almost 5 years ago, but I'm doing fine now.
  5. Wow, such a blast from the past, for a minute I thought I was having another stroke! Good to see you again Victor!
  6. jtryka

    Reverse Proofs/Proofs

    I broke up a couple of proof sets for my albums, so I have some extras. Prices include shipping to the US, PM me if you are interested: 2018-S Clad Proof Quarters $15 2018-S Reverse Proof Silver Quarters $38 2018-S Proof Native American Dollar $8 2018-S Reverse Proof Native American Dollar $10
  7. This one arrived in the mail today.
  8. Nope, just had it in my pocket for a while intending to spend it, and never did. Once it started to wear, I decided to keep it as a pocket piece.
  9. I technically have 3, two are on keychains and one is a sac I've been carrying for the past 5 or 6 years.
  10. You beat me, I have set #813!
  11. Any more it seems like I can only fill a hole in this set every few years or so. Now that NGC no longer accepts PCGS coins in the registry it looks like I'll have to create a custom set to include this one!
  12. The old ICG intercept boxes will hold any of the slabs, but alas I've run out of them!
  13. I got this one in the mail today, very crusty but I love overdates!
  14. I picked this one up at the post office today, a modest upgrade.