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  1. Well thank you for responding. I think it speaks for itself.
  2. On January 2nd you agreed to sell and ship to me. On January 3rd you bump this listing and it's still for sale? And on January 5th I contact you and ask if you have shipped, but get no response. You edit this listing on January 5th, and it's still for sale. Something stinks.
  3. Another one up for auction
  4. Early Happy Birthday to your wife's dog! $6,500 is the current bid. Looking forward to seeing where it ends!
  5. I'm glad the auction is ending on Feb 14th. Easy to remember!
  6. Congratulations on the achievement!
  7. Why wait when you can get the original today. It's now on the bay BIN $11,550. Go Go Go! In my completely objective (cough) opinion this will be looked at as a screaming bargain in the not too distant future!
  8. Now that is what I was hoping to hear! It's been a fun day!
  9. Thank you both for the warm welcome! If nothing else, this coin at least helped me find this forum. And I will get lots of enjoyment reading. I wish I could take better pics. I will fiddle a little with camera settings, but I have zero skills in that department. The doubling is pretty apparent in hand, but I'm not familiar enough with the different types of doubling to be sure what I have. I know it's amazing this went undetected for nearly a century!
  10. Have I found the ninth? Sorry I am not better with a camera, but doubling is evident on "UST" and to a lesser visibility on the "D".