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  1. Ah yes, what makes the 1860 S unique is they pulled around 2,600 of them for low weight and melted them down in 1869. Leaving around 4,400 in circulation. Being minted in San Francisco you wonder how many made it to the east coast. Currently I think only 144 have been graded. It was a fun find and purchase.
  2. Most of us Beav? I just started trying to acquire the $3 gold pieces last year. I found they are very tough to come across and very difficult to purchase if you happen upon one available. Pics are from an IPhone and not the best of clarity.
  3. Mark Feld Here are some pics of the token. It seems very UNC and does have weight to it. Corrosion is very evident on the rim that tells me it may be plated. While not a total loss it came with an AU 1860 S $3 gold piece I also purchased. Thanks again for your help on this token.
  4. Yes Mark, I should have waited until it arrives to make this post. I’ll get pics when it arrives next week and repost. It does have some old style PVC contamination from the old style holders. For now on the reverse it has a sunrise with a Bear below and wreath around at the top left to right it says California Gold and bottom center 1849. The obverse is a Indian chief very similar to the early 1900’s IH gold coins. Thanks
  5. I recently purchase a 1849 Indian Head California Gold fractional coin. Any and all information about such a coin would be appreciated.