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  1. Yes, I learned all about ALT's when members talked about Laura and others. I'm not posting as myself on two other forums but I don't spend much time on either of them. It's no fun being or playing ignorant concerning something you enjoy. As I posted before, it's their loss.. ldhair, you are a much nicer than I am and you tend to stick to the rules.
  2. Figure it out yet.? Most of us rogue posters learn how to become unbanned. However, you cannot be yourself. You need to act as if you are a beginning collector who knows very little. The minute you show that you know something e, or write in your old style you might give yourself away. ATS caught me once an zapped me again but it is virtually impossible to keep a person off one of these boards. The funny thing is, when you are banned, you realize you don't need to post on chat boards at all. It's more fun to beat their security and lurk while you read the misinformation that you could have corrected.
  3. I predicted something more useful along the same lines as your AI Grader. IMO, something much more useful that you could charge a membership fee for would be AI (Foreign/ancient coin) IDENTIFIER! Download an image and find out what the coin/token is. I predict a TPGS may do this eventually now that they are imaging stuff. HOW ABOUT IT NGC?
  4. Thanks for not mentioning who that user was. It was me. We all post at the discretion of the moderators. They enforce very clear rules and they can do anything they wish. I have been banned from several forums probably for discussing things much more important to our lives than coins. I consider it a loss to the members of those forums. I promise the OP that it is not the end of the world although CT is a much more active forum than this place will ever be again.
  5. This is easy to answer. Just call each of the four major services and ask or download their submission forum. As this is an NGC web site, that's all I'll write.
  6. What you may not understand at the moment is it takes all kinds. Some folks like to be sarcastic and mean. Other long time members get really tired of the same old questions. If they decide to help and then are not believed or argued with, the devil comes out and others will often join in. There is some good stuff posted on forums and many folks who join don't post at all. They just read the posts. I will never understand that as I'm full of questions. Bottom line, very few here truly know who we really are. We are only judged by our posts and counter posts. Have fun and who cares what others think they know about us. In the big picture, this is an extremely tiny place populated by all us little people with opinions.
  7. I'll guess it is because he wanted to show his coins to different people. I'll guess he is a novice and thought they were high grade. I suggest every collector both new and long-time send a few of their coins in for grading to see how they are doing. Doing this often saves a big disappointment in the future.
  8. Whenever, anyone posts anything they should be prepared for anything. Criticism is a good thing. That's how we get better unless we are too lazy to learn about white balance when using florescent light.
  9. Well that explains it. "All of the limitations mentioned by those of us here are also mentioned by Goodman, and tilting a coin into a light source is not a recommended method of photographing a coin. Period." You posted about "ALL." While "ALL" may be the subject of your OP, I posted ONLY about tipping the coin exactly as we do when examining it in hand. That's because informed and knowledgeable numismatists far above my pay grade recommend that all of us tip (and rotate) a coin in the light. I am at a total loss to discover why something that works perfectly and is highly recommended (tipping a coin during examination) is virtually never to be done while taking its image. I've been imaging coins using my microscopes for almost fifty years and I have found that the best way to replicate what I am trying to capture is to tip the coin at least 80% of the time. I quoted the advanced section of the book YOU recommended because after reading your OP and seeing your images, I was under the impression that you were an "advanced" photographer. The book also proved that I was not pulling "fluff" out of the air. PS LOL, I'm sure you know the discussion where you refused to defend any of your misguided and uninformed opinions. You just continued to add more nonsense. When anyone disagrees with me about anything (this thread is an example) I'm ready to defend my opinion AND change it if I become more informed.
  10. Agree. I apologize for "high-jacking" your informative thread. However, you disagreed with a friendly SUGGESTION I made for everyone here. The author of a book you recommended made the same suggestion, you refused to try it because you didn't wish to alter your setup, then eventually suggested the same result we both suggested could be accomplished by altering your setup (it could). Worst of all, I'm turned into the bad guy because I will not quit attempting to get you to RETRACT your disagreement. Unfortunately, as with our other disagreements, no answers from you are forthcoming. I'll post my images in a GTG format when I can copy them. I've turned over a new leaf. I don't wish to make anyone feel foolish when they cannot tell if the coin was angled to the lens or not when photographed (with no adjustment made to the lighting). Until our next discussion, thanks to all posters for the photography lesson!
  11. But some of us should learn to be more gracious and empathetic when posting with others.
  12. Yikes! I just tried to post an image Emailed to me from the camera and it will not open! Color me a loser so far . I'll need to get someone familiar with our system to allow me to copy and paste the images in case my terms are met and we get to play: "Tipped or Not Tipped ."
  13. The audience here is very tiny. While I don't think any member should be the subject of a discussion (except those who are missed for some reason or another), my posts and the criticism of my images and teaching method has generated some "life" to the forum. Additionally, I'll bet all of us have learned something on this forum in the last month. I have. Anyway, as the popularity of this forum increases, perhaps you and others will post a sample quiz with the proper images so I'll see the correct way to teach. For now, I prefer to ask is this a ______ or describe what you see in this image; rather than this is a ________.
  14. I've had them on my computer since last week! I thought you were done with "OUR" discussion. I'll post them for everyone but ONLY if YOU promise to play the game: TIPPED or NOT TIPPED. It will prove a coin can be tilted in the light, in focus, and no one can tell which is which. PS And you and others critique my images so I'll get better. It was my first time and the camera was pre-set. I made no adjustments and only took the image.