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  1. VPhillips
    With some recent acquisitions from SixMileRick, I finally achieved the goal of filling the 100th slot in this 140-coin Registry Set!
    Since I last posted, I have acquired 16 more coins and now have 101 in this set. The collection is now 72% complete.
    The 100th coin is the 2008-P Arizona NGC MS66.
    I took the advice of SixMileRick recently to go ahead and not focus so much on NGC MS67 or better and I'm glad I did because I was struggling to find specimens for my Registry set and looking closer at the POP report I see why! So many of these statehood quarters have very few at MS67 and higher.
    Looking forward to continuing the search and adding more fantastic coins to this collection!

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  2. VPhillips
    Mid-way point of the Registry Set!
    As mentioned a few weeks ago in my original Statehood Quarter Fun journal, I began building my Statehood Quarter Registry set back in late November 2015 with 3 coins. In December 2015, I added 42 more coins to their slots. This January, I added 40 more and am now just past the 1/2 way point with 60% of the collection and 85 coins!
    With the addition of my 2007 P SMS IDAHO NGC MS-68 coin, I slid into the #20 spot of NGC-only coins as well!
    55 coins remain to complete this set and I'm getting down to the tough-to-find coins in the high grades of NGC MS-67 or better. I've noticed that I'm able to find the grades I'm wanting in PCGS, but not in NGC, and this set's goal is NGC-ONLY 67 or higher so the search continues!
    A special "Thank You" thus far to SixMileRick and Sheila Moore for allowing me to acquire some of your statehood quarters to add to my set. It's an honor.
    Next goal of the set: #100 coin out of the 140 total needed... I'm hoping by the end of February I'll be able to achieve that. Already have 2 enroute via USPS!

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  3. VPhillips
    The beginning of the Registry Set
    After a 13 year hiatus, I finally got back into the coin world, and in November 2015 I purchased 79 quarters from usstatequarters.com to fill the remaining holes I had in my Dansco 1999-2008 Statehood Quarter album.
    I was pretty happy going through the quarters as I placed them into the Dansco album after not having even opened it up in 13 years, and felt a sense of accomplishment getting all 100 P&D coins in there!
    Then, I remembered I had 2 quarters that I had submitted to NGC back in 2000 and found 'em! What great memories that came back from searching rolls and mint sets to find those 2 quarters I had submitted that came back MS-67! But, I realized, those were the only 2 slabbed ones I had. Instant dilemma...
    Well, I had to solve the dilemma, so I created a new account on the NGC Registry, (since I couldn't remember my password and email from 2000), and put those two quarters in their slots. Upon further investigation, I realized "HEY, I can build a high-grade collection!", and there it started...
    By the end of November, I had 3 coins in their slots in the Statehood Quarters 1999-2008, Circulation issue Registry set. By the end of December I had added 42 more! *wiping brow*... Thus far in January 2016, I've added another 4 more, and just today purchased some more that I'm anxiously awaiting to arrive.
    I've already "met" some nice people here in the Collectors Society forums and am looking forward to continuing to build on the collection. 140 coins total for the collection, ('cause of those darn SMS's), so I have A LOT of searchin' to do!

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  4. VPhillips
    I'm so excited!
    As I'm making a decision as to whether wait and buy an NGC MS-67 1999-P 5c 6FS, or get an available MS-66, I just checked the Census and it was updated YESTERDAY!
    So, looks like there are more MS-67's available then I previously thought, and I may be waiting to find the right one.

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  5. VPhillips
    It's been 13 years since I've collected...
    I'm a 42-year-old Business Manager. I manage the rapid, sustainable and profitable growth of a fantastic local chiropractic Doctor. After 29 years in business, he wants it to truly grow and expand and I enjoy being a part of that success. The Doctor has expressed that when we open our next office, I'll become his partner. And we have plans of opening 3 more locations. *crossing my fingers*... I've been divorced for 13 years and have now resigned myself to knowing that I'm probably too jaded to ever find anyone to remarry, so I don't even worry about it. I focus on work, backpacking, photography and now finally back to coin collecting.
    I received my first collectible coin, an 1887 Morgan Silver Dollar, (that I grade to be EF-40), from my Grandfather Bockman when I was 12 years old. He wrote a note with it that stated, "This coin is made of silver, and its intrinsic value is far greater than its face value." I remember SO many times in my youth wanting to sell or spend that silver dollar and am happy and proud that I always avoided the temptation. I do not ever plan on parting with that coin.
    After my divorce 13 years ago, I ran across some hard times and sold my collection. At the time, it included a nice NGC Registry Peace Dollar collection, (which can be seen under the username vphillips), a nice statehood quarter collection I was building and a complete Silver Eagle bullion collection in MS and PF.
    Now, all these years later, in November 2015, I decided to get back into coin collecting. In my first month back I found myself having an absolute BLAST having at times daily shipments of coins; and even though I crazily spent over $800 my first month back into collecting, I'm actually finding myself looking forward to spending more and more and more!
    I'm looking forward to a great experience in the NGC Collectors Society and building my statehood quarter registry set of NGC MS-67 or greater while working on Mint sets and even a fun Type Set in my Dansco album.
    Looking forward to gaining and building upon relationships again in the coin community!

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