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  1. I enjoy foreign too- I love anything with Queen Victoria, and of course, I enjoy Canadian.
  2. Awesome! Happy that you, and wife had made it out alive. Surprised your safe protected the coins that well through the inferno, and most pleased that NGC was willing to step up to help preserve your collection. A very nice collection of Buff's!!!!
  3. Nice coin, regardless of what you paid. You have something very worthwhile to show for money spent- how much do we spend for trivial "stuff" in life with nothing to show? Movies, a bad date, etc...at least that's how I justify spending a slight premium for a coin I like. What the heck? Right?
  4. I've always wanted to add a gem quality '21 PL Morgan to my collection- DPL are a tad bit out of my budget. This just arrived yesterday. Please comment, or, post a '21 PL if you wish. Thanks!
  5. Man, you did very well with that purchase...If only I had seen it first...my stomach is in knots...thanks Jason!!! Lol. I purchased this '64-D from DM Rare Coins not to long ago. Fully PL with obverse, and strong semi-pl, almost full on reverse.
  6. About $35 a world coin, there are cheaper tiers but I like early bird: https://www.ngccoin.com/submit/services-fees/ Also, this will help you through process: https://www.ngccoin.com/submit-coins/how-to-submit.aspx
  7. @British coins, yes the 1887 is a proof strike. Deep mirrors with cameo devices. Also, the group of 4 coins are Maundy money- 1877. Beautiful toning on those IMO. That half crown of yours would look great slabbed. Keep us posted on grade please.
  8. All in good fun @British coins, I truly enjoy British, and Canadian coins at a very close 2nd to U.S. coinage. At times though I like them more... Here is a sampling of some purchases a few years ago through auction.
  9. Congratulations @valk1999! Good that you checked your change before depositing at the boneyard. I've searched several hundred rolls of half dollars to appreciate what comes through banks. Here is a purchase at a coin club meeting I was at last month that was put through auction. I don't collect currency, yet I didn't want to pass this up at a few bucks over face value. The consignor confronted me after the meeting to let me know he received this note back in change at local bank last year!!!! It happens....
  10. Congrats Jason! Always look forward to your PL quests, and latest discoveries. Hope to build a stunning PL collection as you have someday. It's a work in progress.
  11. A fascinating purchase. What a jolly acquisition. Kudos Sir!
  12. The proof I have has mirrors in the field. Of note, your set indicates "specimen set," on box, so, may not be a proof set but looks to still contain very nice uncirculated strikes. That said, I don't know for sure as this is beyond the scope of my knowledge. The internet is your friend on this to research, and there are world coin collectors on this board that have much more knowledge than myself. This is what I use to research value, and mintage with any foreign coins. Always a good start. From there you are able to get an idea at least of value. I'm leaning towards that you have an uncirculated set, as the mintage for proof are really low. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/
  13. Beautiful set! I have the 1887 6 Pence proof. Hard to determine on grade concerning your set- have you had a chance to look at the reverse of coins? Curious to the toning on that side as well. Very nice having complete set intact- like as well!
  14. Happy New Year's- hope everyone has a prosperous, happy, and healthy 2019.
  15. Thanks for replies, and appreciate the very informative article on 1883/2 overdate. My focus with the date was not the "2." I'm curious about the cause of the semi-circular artifact that's located slightly above/between the two 8's. My initial thoughts were it may be the remnants of the upper loop of an "8." More specifically, the inner portion of the upper loop as why the smaller size. I thought perhaps the secondary digits were completely polished out leaving behind only the inner portion of the upper loop of the 8? Maybe just a gouge, die damage, just some other thoughts to consider. Thanks again. Posted same response ATS.