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  1. PocketArt

    1882 Shield Nickel Repunched Date?

    Thanks for replies, and appreciate the very informative article on 1883/2 overdate. My focus with the date was not the "2." I'm curious about the cause of the semi-circular artifact that's located slightly above/between the two 8's. My initial thoughts were it may be the remnants of the upper loop of an "8." More specifically, the inner portion of the upper loop as why the smaller size. I thought perhaps the secondary digits were completely polished out leaving behind only the inner portion of the upper loop of the 8? Maybe just a gouge, die damage, just some other thoughts to consider. Thanks again. Posted same response ATS.
  2. This isn't a series I focus on, or, know much about. I purchased this coin at a local coin auction because of the semi-circle located slightly above, and between the two 8's in date. I searched Cherrypickers' guide, and couldn't find a matching example. I know not all examples make Cherrypickers' guide, and wondering if this is a known variety- if the case. Was also curious on your opinions if this is a repunched date, wide date, or, other. I believe this coin to be about VF in condition- please let me know your thoughts on grade as well. Thanks!
  3. Congratulations Jason!!!! Good to see your efforts acknowledged, and thanks for providing the inspiration to search/collect PL's. Congrats to everyone else as well! Some spectacular sets!
  4. Well, congrats to you! I'm on the hunt for these, and always hoping to find one...yet,...no luck. Thank you for sharing, and best of luck with your find!
  5. PocketArt

    Camp Davis Peace Dollar

    Nice example- on my radar. Nice score with beautiful toning!
  6. This would be an auction I went to last summer. There were many British coins in this particular auction, many desirable, that were in Whitman albums, or, sold individually. I kick myself for not buying a Whitman full of Maundy money that was mostly Victorian, and had beautiful old album toning. Sold very cheap in hindsight. Unfortunately, I was really winging it with values, rarity, as there were so many British coins, and I never collected these, although I did research as much as I could the night before auction. There was another Whitman folder I missed, a Victoria type set all in mostly BU, with a few in AU condition. That sold for almost a tenth of it's value in hindsight...I know where it's at, and I've been bugging the owner for it since! Everyone went home happy which is what it's all about I suppose. Here's some of my purchases. Spent less than 4 Bennies....$400. From Type set Whitman I bought.
  7. PocketArt

    Last purchase of 2017

    Bought these last week at local coin club auction for $32 total- would be my last coin purchases of 2017. I also picked up two OBW rolls of 1970-D Lincoln cents for a buck a roll at same meeting. Not sure what to do with the rolls- leave unopened, or, check for varieties. Probably just let alone.
  8. Sorry for the delay. The 1949-S is a mechanical error. I spoke with Becky at NGC a few days ago- she was nice, and professional. She indicated NGC will cover shipping, and re-holder coin for free. I'll be sending the slab back to our host for the process. No TPG is immune to mechanical errors- do your own "due diligence" with understanding the grades of the coin you're viewing, and also match criteria of coin on slab with the respective coin. Always verify certification, along with price. Bid, and buy accordingly to your confidence...if lacking, don't buy, and always ask questions! These boards, and peers are here to help you! Never hesitate to ask questions- your inquiry can save you potential money, and heartache. Also, if you wan't to further your knowledge on grading coins, I suggest you read, "The Art and Science of Grading Coins," by Jason Poe. https://www.amazon.com/Art-Science-Grading-Coins/dp/1492356107
  9. Thanks! I double checked the cert before I bid on it, and drew a similar conclusion with near same expletives...yep! I'll be sure to post pics.
  10. I realized what I was bidding on, and the photo's were clear as day to what the mint mark was in auction...really speaks to that adage, "buy the coin, and not the holder." Happy to own it- I'm still wondering if a D over D, or, a RPM. I've paid over for many coins this year so needed a break Jason. Seller wasn't hurt. They deal in more volume in a week than what I have bought in my lifetime...no worries.
  11. I just won this 1949-s Lincoln cent through auction; however, it appears to be a "D" mint mark. I haven't received item yet, and I was wondering your thoughts on what slab indicates- versus what the coin actually is? If RPM, OMM, or, mechanical error I plan to send back for attribution, or, correction. Thanks! https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/4603910-008/67/
  12. PocketArt

    Prooflike (PL) Buffalo Nickel

    Beautiful PL coinman_23885! I was curious to what these looked like- congratulations, and thanks for sharing.
  13. I always enjoy your posts recognizing NASA history. I have family that live in Huntsville, AL where the US Space and Rocket Center is located, and Redstone Arsenal. I've been to the Space and Rocket Center when I was much younger a few times, and remember Miss Baker the space monkey! She was alive and well, and screeching and jumping from what I remember seeing...years later I met, and had a conversation with Wernher von Braun's secretary...what a moment. I guess it's these encounters that give us a chance to see, and speak with history even though we may not realize the privilege we have. Fleeting moments; yet, always eternal for us- no mater our own significance it should be taken as a reflection, and reason to reach beyond if we dare! Thank you for sharing your friendship with Richard Gordon. Next time I'm at Gibson's with family I'll be sure to share my fill of these moments....and recollect yours from these boards! Thanks SkyMan!
  14. PocketArt


    After looking up Satara- I wasn't sure if you were asking about the Franklin, or, the fabric you have this coin on? I've always liked Franklin Half dollars because even when I was young, and yet at that time when they were long gone out of circulation; there always seemed to be a mystique about the obverse portrait, and the beautiful Liberty bell that buoyed my intrigue- perhaps because Franklin was a mighty oak, and I was/still a young nut! Nice coin, and worth melt if you sell; but, priceless in other respects...