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  1. Picked up this nice Walker in a pristine no line fatty.

    I like that- beautiful Walker!
  2. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    That's sick. There's only one graded in 68 with none higher- congrats!
  3. 1945 P Jefferson - DDR-001 (I think)

    Nice DDR David! Quality varieties are out there; even when they are unsuspecting; so, congrats on noticing, and posting! Man....I want one.
  4. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    The household limit was lifted sometime yesterday; I believe around noon EST. The set probably would have lingered for a few more days at (2) per household otherwise.... Honestly, I'm surprised the mint lifted the HH limit- would have probably pushed the price down further in the secondary market otherwise, and established equilibrium sooner with true market value if there is such a thing: that is, assuming more "collectors" went to the site to purchase LE set. Maybe there was concern perhaps with disappointing the other target market, "dealers." As you noted, some dealers were paying others that lacked interest in the LE, $40 plus shipping per set- at least, that's what I read ATS. Also, low mintage perceived rarity sellouts are probably good headlines for the mint- not delivering on scarcity may be embarrassing if that's your motive. The U.S. mints sales model may be striking a balance between "dealers," and "collectors." Not to get too conspiratorial..... As far as my thoughts on the 2017-S ASE priced at $139- IDK, probably more realistic at $100-$125. The proof set mintage's appear to be on a downward trend, in general, over the past five years plus. So, to purchase the ASE along with the other silver coins in the series makes more sense to me, than alone in a cheesy card board teaser.
  5. 2017 Congratulations Set - Who's In?

    Close, should be 3rd lowest mintage I believe. The 2011-S Burnished, and 2011-P Reverse Proof @ 99,882 per 2017 Red Book. Fourth lowest if you wan't to count the 2008-W Burnished, reverse of 2007 @ 47,000. I bought one of the 2017-S LE sets- surprised it didn't sell out sooner!
  6. 1978 D

    Welcome! I can't distinguish any doubled die variety from the photo's you've provided. You might want to check this link as a resource. http://www.doubleddie.com/824028.html The associate membership is $39 per year.
  7. Coins selling at Great Collections.

    Superb, and high quality offerings. Thanks for the heads-up, and I'm sure you'll do quite well!
  8. NGC "Brilliant Uncirculated" holder

    I thought I read somewhere that the "Brilliant Uncirculated" on NGC slabs was equivalent to a MS60 grade? I can't recall where I read that- maybe someone who knows what the designation means can chime in and clarify.
  9. Curious Acquisition: 1943-S PL Washington Quarter

    Thanks gentlemen. Your interest in PL's, and the pieces that you've shared have greatly influenced my endeavors- some exceptional PL's, and collections that have been posted!
  10. 55-D Toned Lincolns

    Nice photo's. I recently opened up a roll of 1982-D bronze Large dates, and many of those have nice toning. Not as dramatic as your earlier wheats; but subtle, and most appear high grade. Thanks for the tip on using a true grey background to photograph.
  11. Shameem

    Welcome, you got a coin to post, or, question?
  12. 1952 PDS Washingtons for the B toner Dansco

    Nice "B" album toners SkyMan. The 1952 D is quite attractive- thanks for sharing!
  13. Curious Acquisition: 1943-S PL Washington Quarter

    I received back this 1974-D Kennedy Half, a few days ago, from NGC that I posted raw earlier this year. Thanks!
  14. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Thanks! Didn't know you had one of the 65PL's- congrats. If not for the chatter above "trust" on mine it'd probably be in same camp.
  15. Post Your Most Recent Acquisition

    Just got this in the mail today- another PL for the collection.