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  1. I recently purchased this 1884-O Morgan for $74 through a local auction. The slabbing service was United States Numismatic Services. This particular coin was graded by the service in 1985, and the slab measures "7 3/8 L x "4 3/8 W. The Morgan is sandwiched between a 1/4 inch of Plexiglas. The coin appears to be close to MS65 quality IMO, with semi-pl obverse, and full pl reverse. The only other early slab I have that's Plexiglas is from The United States Numismatic Arts Foundation which is a 1987 slabbed coin. Both firms from California, not sure if related. Here is the Morgan
  2. Nice coin. Tape marks? No. Not on mine either...
  3. I don't believe so; but, I understand why you would have drawn that conclusion. The horizontal lines that you see on the reverse of the '60, are also faint, yet fewer, and found on the obverse. The lines were more than likely from the underside of a coin folder, perhaps textured to a degree. There may have been a paper sleeve, that folded over top, such as your Whitman tri-folds? These two coins, along with the other Roosie's that were submitted with this batch, all have the one sided toning, beautiful obverse toning. Look at the NGC images for these two coins I have with matching order #'s. I have the 001, and 003 in this batch. I did run the 002, 004, 005 at MS66 and was lucky to see all the others- same toning, more than likely from same album/source. I'd love to have those too....
  4. I picked up these three last week to add to my Rosie's.
  5. It's difficult to photograph PL coins, at least for me with camera phone, so yes, images are a bit deceiving. When I received the coin, I was a bit concerned that it was mislabeled as a business strike, and not a proof; because of the mirrors around devices. I believe they got it right though; die polish lines on the reverse- shouldn't be on proof cents? I haven't decided whether or not to send it in to NGC. I might. I have some coins down now. The '64 Washington Qtr. for designation review- fully PL obverse, and a '70-D Washington I'm hoping for full PL designation- nice mirrors on that one. I also p/u another Type 1 Bicentennial Eisenhower dollar graded PL by SEGS- bought very cheap through local auction. It is comparable to my other PL dollar, so, I will eventually crack that out and send it down to NGC. These are different topics for other threads.
  6. Here is an ANACS MS63 PL Indian Head Cent. I collect PL's, and was happy to come across this example. These are exceedingly rare in PL for this particular series. I believe the NGC census is somewhere around half a dozen? Notice die polish lines on reverse.
  7. I enjoy foreign too- I love anything with Queen Victoria, and of course, I enjoy Canadian.
  8. Awesome! Happy that you, and wife had made it out alive. Surprised your safe protected the coins that well through the inferno, and most pleased that NGC was willing to step up to help preserve your collection. A very nice collection of Buff's!!!!
  9. Nice coin, regardless of what you paid. You have something very worthwhile to show for money spent- how much do we spend for trivial "stuff" in life with nothing to show? Movies, a bad date, etc...at least that's how I justify spending a slight premium for a coin I like. What the heck? Right?
  10. I've always wanted to add a gem quality '21 PL Morgan to my collection- DPL are a tad bit out of my budget. This just arrived yesterday. Please comment, or, post a '21 PL if you wish. Thanks!
  11. Man, you did very well with that purchase...If only I had seen it first...my stomach is in knots...thanks Jason!!! Lol. I purchased this '64-D from DM Rare Coins not to long ago. Fully PL with obverse, and strong semi-pl, almost full on reverse.
  12. About $35 a world coin, there are cheaper tiers but I like early bird: https://www.ngccoin.com/submit/services-fees/ Also, this will help you through process: https://www.ngccoin.com/submit-coins/how-to-submit.aspx
  13. @British coins, yes the 1887 is a proof strike. Deep mirrors with cameo devices. Also, the group of 4 coins are Maundy money- 1877. Beautiful toning on those IMO. That half crown of yours would look great slabbed. Keep us posted on grade please.