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  1. I felt it had a strong chance of getting the gold sticker, since it looks severely undergraded in a MS-63 slab.
  2. I don't post too often over here but thought you guys might like to see this; it's just back from CAC with a gold sticker.
  3. A couple of other people I have talked to feel the coin is a 65 as well, and that it will make it there eventually. The coin is going to CAC pretty soon in a group sub, so I don't have it in hand at the moment; but I will check for hidden hairlines when it gets back to me. Here's a higher-res TrueView if anyone wants to take a closer look at the coin for the time being (It won't let me upload the full size image (5757x2905)). (Open image in new window to see full size) Thanks again.
  4. This was purchased raw a couple of months ago and the grade just posted today. I'm really glad I decided to get the TrueView on this one, as I would never have been able to capture the toning well enough to do the coin justice. The coin graded MS-64+ at PCGS which is one of only 5 coins of this date/mm to get the plus at the 64 level. Don't give up on raw coins, there are still great ones out there waiting to be found.
  5. Thanks everyone, I had posted this one ATS but got some mixed responses about the toning. Like Bill Jones mentioned, I think this one spent some time in an album. I'll update the thread when I get the grade.
  6. Purchased raw and sent for grading, should have the results by the end of the month hopefully. The second set of photos shows off the toning a little better.
  7. I didn't buy the coin, but those pictures look juiced to me. My guess is it wasn't nearly as vibrant in hand.
  8. I purchased this a while ago, what do you think?