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  1. I think for the most part, the major grading companies (NGC, PCGS and even ICG and ANACS) do a decent job on most coins and you would think that they could cross over to either of its competitors in most cases. My beef is PCGS seems to be grading a large amount of Franklin Halves which have hit the market in the last few years and that their grades on these coins would not even hit the 50% cross over to NGC. These coins have hit the auction sites in large quantities (they have dark blue and retro green labels mostly) and I worry that the value for the coins in general, may be taking a hit du
  2. Perhaps it is just me, but as I have collected Franklin Halves for some time, I have noticed that PCGS seems to be flooding the market with new (e.g. their newest holders, retro green and dark blue) certified coins which for the most part, in my opinion do not live up to standard to the grades that have been assigned. I am aware that PCGS basically ignores the top set of bell lines, which is a strike against them but I had purchased a few PCGS coins and thought, let me try a crossover of those coins that I felt would merit an NGC holder. Wouldn't you know it, I sent in 4 coins recently to cr
  3. I was also at the ANA show on Friday--flew in early and left late. When I was at this show the last time it was in Denver, the ANA had a sign-up to go on the US Mint tours. I did not see it this time an perhaps the Mint took it upon themselves to set up the tours. When we were there before, it was right when the Colorado state quarters were being created and we were able to walk on the factory floor and see them landing in the hoppers. Very cool...and also neat to see "coins discarded on the floor". Hopefully you were able to experience something similar. One head's up--all large sho
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    Sold Out?

    I bought 5 sets from the US Mint at the ANA's World's Fair of Money on Friday. I saw many dealers with boxes of these sets.
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    I feel your pain Daniel. I also collect Washington Quarters 1932-1964 but if you can believe it--it is worse for Franklin Halves. Some have very low populations for FBL and I have submitted a few for crossover which have come back not up to NGC standards for one reason or another. I have not sent any quarters yet.