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  1. I’m a 1955 and I can barely make F-12 any more.
  2. This hobby needs to try to develop a moving picture format that is not a huge file size, and is fairly easy to do cheaply. How’s that for a challenge?
  3. No Melissa, that “us” (is) NOT what they do. You have to state which special variety you think it is at the beginning. They will NOT check for you, aside from a few very popular obvious ones.
  4. The more I look at these OP pictures, the more I see some REALLY sketchy stuff. The fields look like they may have been treated with mercury at some point. Yes, mercury (Not Freddie) is a liquid at room temperature but it can amalgamate with silver as a solid that creates what a beginner might think it a pretty sheen. Depending on your age, you may have silver/mercury amalgam in your teeth. They were a very popular filling for dental caries, when I was young.
  5. Dahlonega. Gotta go. See you in Dalton in late August?
  6. Just after my wife and I moved here, two families across the street sold their homes. Apparently they weren’t ready for a neighbor who spoke Northern. She’s a long term Alabama girl, Marine Corps brat, both parents, so she got moved around a lot as a kid. Her Dad died in 2016 and he left me a piece of the burned O-ring from the Challenger explosion. His last job before retiring was re-assembling the wreckage in a hangar.
  7. Right smack downtown Arab. Yeah, it’s an anthropology book just begging to be written.
  8. Grew up in Reading, lived about 10 years in northern Lancaster County, then moved to downtown Harrisburg for about 3 years, then 6 months in Huntsville and now in Arab, in Marshall County, AL.
  9. A real one will kinda sorta stick to a powerful rare earth magnet, but not a normal one.
  10. Not only does it cost money, to me at least, it’s LOTS of money. It needs to be utilized SPARINGLY, not for run of the mill pieces.
  11. I’m fairly certain it has been harshly polished at some point and it will not grade. The first clue is the field areas NEAR the lettering are different from those fields farther away. Sure sign of polish.
  12. If you watch Ted Lasso, I am a goldfish. I try to never let one even vehement disagreement completely poison my ability to agree on a separate issue. Sometimes I’m more able to do that than others. The new collectors are a difficult thing for me. There is a record lack of seriousness from recent generations of them, and that is always going to be tough for me to deal with. There is a minimum amount of “study” that I expect. I come from a generation in which a place like this would be like step 10, rather than 1 or 2.
  13. GC is the successor company to Teletrade. I bought quite a few in their auctions. We used to bid by touch-tone phones. How retro is THAT?!?!