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  1. Today the United States Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit refused to issue a stay of District Court Judge William S. Stickman IV's Order of September 14, 2020. That means that in Pennsylvania, all rules regarding crowd sizes are void pending further court substantive action. The 25-indoors, 250-outdoors limits are "kaput". The Governor's authority to issue "stay at home" orders is "kaput". His authority to order business closures is "kaput". For those with an account for Federal Court papers, the heading is Civil Action No. 2:20-cv-677, County of Butler, et al v. Thomas W, Wolf, Governor, et al. I have never been so proud to be a Pennsylvanian as I am today. Let the coin auctions proceed unmolested, but wear a mask.
  2. That's easy. I simply do not care. Okay? This fascination for coins that have been physically mangled during their long histories just leaves me, ohhhhh, uninspired. I know, I might lose my "Official 21st Century Numismatist" membership card and secret decoder ring, not to mention risking being labeled a "troll", but there you have it. Damage is damage, and I don't collect damage. I do some, but then discard them. If QA had been more familiar with my work, he'd know that I'm not moved by error coins, real or imagined. I'm more in the mold of a "debunker". And on Internet message boards regarding coins, I do get to see a whole lot of "bunk".
  3. There's nothing to be seen here, sorry. Yes, I see the 'E' in "ONE". Classic strike doubling.
  4. Yep, this hobby is loaded to the gills with highly unethical characters. Actually, lots are real criminals. Now knowing it is a fake, he is one. A criminal.
  5. Absolutely! Everyone should use whatever tools work for them. As a 30+ year "film guy", I'm hypersensitive to the "stuff" that digital imaging has brought us. It's the "circle of life". Someday not that far into the future, us "film guys" will all be gone. Until then, we still drag our Leica M3's and Canon F-1's and Nikon F3's out and shoot film when we get nostalgic. Occasionally a 4x5 view camera too.
  6. Hopefully all that Northern Alabama humidity will slow down my "drying up".
  7. Every time I send in an order to NGC I am flabbergasted by how quickly they turn them around. The return Registered Mail is another matter.
  8. I do have several Finnish coins in my files, but it's more the result of accidents of collecting (bulk lots) than any real intent.
  9. I have to dissent from the opinion expressed above about this magnification. I see lots of things, not all of which are actually there. I see digital sharpening artifacts all over these pictures, and jpeg compression artifacts too. If you like this, have at it, and by all means enjoy it. It is sooooo not my cuppa tea, though. My scope is optical, and my Sony alpha6000 shoots in raw format as well as jpeg. The "diff" is night and day.
  10. They're doing amazing things with [air quotes] laaaazers these days.
  11. But it clearly is not above such goings-on, and that is the object lesson for all.
  12. This is a sign of a not terribly ethical person. Sorry, he’s just not.
  13. I do wear the mask, but I swear with each passing week I become more convinced it’s healthcare theater. We might be in the middle of a “how much will people accept” experiment.
  14. Tokens died out in Philly around 9-10 years ago. Harrisburg uses cash and passes, mostly monthly. I used to use a monthly Amtrak pass between Lancaster and Harrisburg. Toward the end, that was a QR code on my watch.