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  1. NGC has graded all of them, if you look at Kmag proof set he has a pic of the coin, he also discovered it.
  2. I bet it's a high pop with only a PF68 grade, I am looking for a PF69.
  3. I buy the coin not the holder and right now it looks like my morgan dollar sets will be on hold. I have found with many of the morgans I have purchased, the pcgs stabbed ones were nicer so I purchased them. I doubt I will spend money on crossover for so many coins so as of now the progress on completing the sets will slow down to a crawl if I complete them at all. Someone mentioned a National Registry, i agree, then the best of all grades can be added. Of course, there will have to be a limit as to what slabs will be allowed.
  4. Here is what is known so far; 1982 DDR, some are called DDO 1982 Triple Die Reverse, brand new variety, i have the only one so far. 1987 DDR, most are labeled DDO 1988 DDR, some are labeled DDO 1999 Mule, actually is the reverse of 2000, very rare. Coming soon, 1988 1/2 oz Speared P, more to come on this one.
  5. I did read that and find it interesting that they will push sales into 2017 to clear out the inventory. If I remember correctly they did sell 120k on the first day.
  6. Does anyone know what the current mintage is for the 2016 W burnished silver eagle? Since these just came out a few weeks ago, is there a cut off date for when the mint stops selling them? I don't recall the mint selling these for less than a month in time for previous years which is why I am thinking this year could be the lowest mintage. Thanks again, Tom
  7. Submitted a 1982 for grading After submitting a 1982 to NGC I received the coin back and it was given the grade of MS65 with the triple die variety. When I initially looked at the coin i assumed it was a double die as i only glanced at it. After the grading I noticed the tripling that NGC saw under the #1 on the date. As I have stated previously, I am sure there will be more varieties in this series as more collectors start looking for them. Over the past 2 years here are the new varieties that have been discovered. 1982 BU Double Die 1988 BU Double Die 1999 BU Mule of 2000 1982 BU Triple Die 1990 BU proof like 1983 Proof Double Die Attached is a pic of some of the tripling on the 82 BU 1oz libertad. See more journals by TMCGRADY
  8. Is there a certain number of coins that need to be discovered before making a new slot? When I requested new slots for the 1982 DD and the 1988 DD there were only 1 at the time and when I rested the slot for the 83 proof triple die it had only 3 known at the time. I would think that when a new variety is discovered it would make sence to create the slot so others collecting could start looking for more as its the best way to help spread the word. Right now, there is a slot for the 1983 1oz proof libertad double die and it appears there is only 1? When coin world magazine did an article on my libertad registry set i told them about the new varieties and there would be more coming in the future as more collectors jump into this series. The only reason these haven't been discovered before was due to the collector base being so small. So far, I have requested slots for the 82 DD, 87 DD, 88 DD and 83 proof triple Die and there was never a question, now that they have been added several others have filled them in.
  9. Can you add a new slot for the 1982 triple die variety for the 1oz libertad BU registry set? Certification number 2809397-001 Since the 2015 PL 1 oz libertad was added to the 1oz BU registry set last year, can you add a new slot for the 2016 PL now that it's out? Also, there is another major variety for the 1987 1oz proof libertad, missing feathers, can you add that slot as well? I think there are 4 known now. Thanks Tom
  10. Looking to put together a complete set of DPL/DMPL CC morgans. Graded MS60-MS66 by NGC or PCGS. Need all years except 1882, 1883 and 1884. Email me with pics and offers at Thanks Tom
  11. Not sure why there is no slot for the 2011 but can you add one as i have a coin to put into it? Thanks Tom
  12. Nice article in Coin Wold Magazine Coin World magazine did a nice article on some of the libertads in my registry set with a focus on some of the rarest libertads known. The article can be seen in the current issue (August edition). There is a mistake in the article regarding the 1998 triple die, it should be the 1983 proof triple die. See more journals by TMCGRADY
  13. After some time working on the two album dansco morgan dollar set, i am in need of only 2 morgans to complete it. Looking to buy the 1893s and 1894p morgans, doesnt have to be pretty. If you have these two key dates, even in the poorest condition and your willing to part with them, please contact me. The more worn the better. Thanks Tom Direct email preferred,
  14. Can you add a new slot under the 1oz libertad proof set for the new variety, 1987 "missing feathers under arm"? Thanks Tom
  15. Did you initiate a return for a refund on your coins? They have a 30 day return policy. You bet i returned them as it was a waste of my time. Having a return policy is great but not disclosing the true condition and covering it up with great photography is a whole other issue in itself. Most of their negative feedback, and there are a lot of them, relates to cleaned coins and coins that were certified coming back details after buying them raw. They take some of the best photos i have seen and they sell a massive amount. One other obervation, they start their auctions for the most part at 99 cents, because pf their great pics many sell at the very top of more than book value.
  16. Their pictures look amazing but read their feedback. I admit i did get hooked on 4 of their commemorative raw half dollars and when they arrived they were all cleaned. They never mention cleaning in their description. Lesson learned.
  17. Picked up a few over the past few years and now i am hooked. After attending the local coin show here in Richmond, i picked up a few more commems. Last year i picked up the 36 Connecticut since i attended grad school in Hatford and i used to ride my bike past the Charter Oak. Little did i know how much that single coin would cost and i was shocked. After the CT half i picked up a few of the texas commems because i really like the extreme detail on the coin. Fast foward 18 months later, while at the Richmond coin show i picked up the Dansco album for the 55 piece type set as well as a few coins at the show. Although most of these coins have mintages well under 10k amd as little at 2k, they are all readily available. The one thing i will say is you must be patient and do your research before buying any of these coins. Many sellers are way overpriced and there are a lot of counterfeits out there. When i find a coin worthy of a bid i take snapshots and do comparisons with graded coins looking for counterfeits. Bu doing this it really gives you a better idea of how the coin looks as well as pointing out inconsistencies. Every coin i ourchase i weigh them once received and to date i have only received one counterfeit, the seller was more than willing to make it right as he admitted to know nothing about them as he acquired it with other stuff from a rental unit. To date i only need the Hawaii and thw Spainish Trail to complete my Dansco album and i started the complete set in the 2 volume Dansco albums. These coins have amazing high relief detail and really show the artistic creativity of the day not to mention the long term investment potiental. Here is my advice. 1. Be patient and dont buy using Buy it Now unless the coin is 20 to 30% below fair market value. Auctions are where the best deals are. 2. Study each coin and do detailed comparisons with graded/authentic coins, this will help avoid counterfeits. 3. After receiving the coins, weigh them, they should be in the 12.3 to 12.5 grams. The weight could be as low as 12.04 grams but that will be a very worn out slick. Anything higher or lower needs further testing. My brother wound up with 2 counterfeit halves one weighed 11.4 and the other weighed 14.04 grams. Both looked amazing nut they were fake. 4. Never ever buy from Russia, China or for that matter oversees. These are where the counterfeits are coming from. Also ask yourself, wjat would someone in Russia, Lithuania pr China be doing with these? Not to say people oversee collect them, it is just too risky to buy from them. 6. Only buy from those with perfect or almost perfect feedback. 7. Really check out the pictures very well. There is one dealer that has great feedback with about 140k transactions. Their pictures look amazing and their RAW coins sell consistently at graded prices. I made my 1 and only purchase from this particular dealer as the pictures were fantastic only to discover they were all cleaned. The pictures they take do not show cleaning marks or hairlines. After this purchase i looked at their negative feedback only to see that most complaints were about their coins being cleaned. Learned lesson, even with the largest dealers you have to be careful. 8. Read all negative feedback. Although some dealers with huge numbers of transactions may have negotiate feedback, read the feedback to see if there is a common complaint. 9. Again, be patient and let the coin come to you. As you get started it will be very exciting as you learn about these rare coins so dont jump on each one as they come up. 10. Dont be affraid to buy graded coins and worry about cranking them out for the dansco album. If you follow step #1 and get it at the right orice it will be ok to crack them out as they look so much better in the album. Dont get me wrong, some of the higher end graded coins will be better served in their holders. Tom See more journals by TMCGRADY
  18. I am trying to add my 1983 triple die 1oz libertad proof to the new slot NGC added for the proof 1 oz registry set but there are no points and its not allowing me to add it. I removed the coin from the original 1983 proof slot sent it to ngc for the added variety. Ngc gave it the variety and kept the same sn number. Can you add the coin to the new slot and add the points to the slot? Registry set: 1 Onza libertad Proof set 1983 - current. Regards Tom
  19. I see the coins and the points awarded but the points are not included in the total score. Thanks Tom
  20. I just created a new set under the US Commemorative early type set, 1893-1954, and noticed that the points for all my PCGS coins are not included in my overall score. Although the PCGS coins are allowed in the slots, do you not count the point in the score? Thanks Tom
  21. Does the RCM ever release coins minted by other countries? Thanks
  22. Can you create a new slot for the 1983 triple die variety in the 1 oz libertad proof set? Thanks Tom
  23. Is there a reason these went down? I ask because this is the toughest date in the series. Thanks for the help. Also, can you look at the 1982 DDR? This has remained under the radar since 1982 and i feel as though this is going to be the second toughest coins to find because if you dont know what to look for you will never see the doubling. There have been only 5 that have been graded so far, all by me. Maybe this should be higher? Tom