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  1. A lot of us coin guys don't have a clue about comics! Corners look a bit too rounded/fuzzy for a 9.
  2. Not sure what you are suspicious of, it is woefully original, almost to a fault. The letters aren't toning, it is where the coin didn't tone, presumably because ink provides a layer of protection from the old paper which contained sulfur.
  3. Those are some really cool pieces, and a great strategy. I am especially fond of the "sower" coins, and have a few myself.
  4. PCGS 64 CAC - almost finished with my 1917 toned year set.
  5. I can't any of the images in either of your posts, they just show up as broken jpegs.
  6. Thanks everyone. Feel free to take a peek at my album if you are so inclined. FWIW I bought all but the 39 raw.
  7. Been awhile since I posted anything! Pics (except the crappy SLQ pics) by "Buffalo Head" Joe Best. Bought raw, pcgs said 64.. haha. Raw Raw, luster better than photos indicate.