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  1. Alli. Are there any plans in the near future to represent the Spain 1/2 Real, 1 Real, 2 Reales and 4 Reales series from the late 16th or early 17th Century in NGC? Thanks.
  2. Alli. How are Custom Sets measured for competition since they do not have points associated with them. How do we determine where we stand? Thanks.
  3. Alli. Any updates on this? I submitted the inquiry on March 15th 2016. Will this be possible by the Dec 1st 2016 cutoff? Thanks.
  4. Alli. In the Silver 10 Euros, 2002-Date, Proof, would you please add a slot for the 2004 Spain 10 Euro Ponte En Camino Xacobeo (2121209-007) Thanks.
  5. Ali. Please add see for this issue if possible. As always, thanks. Mexico 1/2 Escudo 1833-1864 Circulation Issue
  6. As always, thank you so very much Dena. .
  7. Hello Dena. I was awarded the 2015 Best in Category for both the Gold Escudo Type Set, Hand on Book, 1825-1870, Circulation Issue and the 2 Escudos, Charles IV (1788-1809), Circulation Issue. However, I only received a certificate for the 2 Escudos, Charles IV (1788-1809), Circulation Issue. I did not receive a certificate for the Gold Escudo Type Set. Thanks.
  8. Ali. I'd like to request a Spain Escudo Coinage Type Set that would permit the inclusion of "one each" of all denominations of Escudos from the 1/2 Escudo through the 8 Escudos covering the years 1701 through 1833. This would allow us the opportunity to showcase a full set of each denomination (1/2, 1, 2, 4 and 8). Thanks.
  9. Hello Ali. There is a slot for this coin but it is missing all Scores and it will not allow me to slot my coin. 4200412-024 Thanks.