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  1. CaliforniaBen


    I like the old stuff - buttons, paper collectibles, the old funeral medals, etc. - the older and more American the better
  2. CaliforniaBen


    I occasionally refer to your slab generation guide - I didn't even know you were banned
  3. CaliforniaBen


  4. CaliforniaBen


    Thanks for the welcomes. The banning was unexpected, but it's all good. I almost always keep it light, but I got worked up into a frothy frenzy about a few things I heard in the CLCT earnings call, and that prompted the offending post. Anyway, it's water under the bridge.
  5. CaliforniaBen


    I was "Washingtoniana" I made a post about tightening PCGS grading standards that was not well-received
  6. CaliforniaBen


    Hi everyone. I collect 1793 and 1794 federal coins, George Washington collectibles, Portuguese coins, and anything else that looks cool and I can hide from the wife. I used to be active across the street, but I got banned today, which was a new experience. I didn't even think I said anything controversial. C'est la vie!