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  1. 23 minutes ago, VKurtB said:

    I don't think prompt updating of populations has ever been a high priority for any series, coin or medal. I twice had the Top Pop coin for a foreign coin that didn't appear in the population reports for nearly a year. The reports showed no PF70's, but I was staring at one in my hands. Bottom line: I don't put any faith in pop reports.

    Sir, I was not speaking to YOU! or your collecting habits!

  2. On 8/2/2020 at 1:14 PM, VKurtB said:

    Establish a relationship with Jeff. Allow NGC to ignore them longer. 

    My complaint deals with the fact that NGC does not UPDATE the population of NGC GRADED So-Called Dollars on their "NGC GRADED POPULATION."

    If one goes to: and opt's for discussions, and scroll down to the last topic, "Is There a Serious Problem" one can read the comments from random SCD collectors AND Jeff Shevlin.

    NGC is refusing to address an administrative problem which deals with the GRADED POPULATION OF MEDALS GRADED BY THEM.


    New forum and discussion topic suggestions

  3. On 7/29/2020 at 7:03 AM, Matt G said:

    Hello @Axel Ulen,

    Thank you for your post and I can understand your frustration. Unfortunately, the newly released book by Jeff Shevlin uses a different attribution system and we are not able to integrate these into our current format. I am not too familiar (unfortunately I am not a collector of SCD) with his book but I believe it is not a comprehensive text of all SCD either. 

    We encourage our collectors to submit their collectibles along with documentation and/or notations for newly discovered pieces, sub varieties, etc. Please note that we will examine the piece as requested but can not always honor those requests as some may be too minor to distinguish.Attributions can carry a heavy premium on the market and we must be cautious when assigning them. 

    OK, Please research when the last time NGC UPDATED the registry population for SCD's  graded by NGC? The population of NGC graded SCD's has not changed in over a year.

  4. As a So-Called Dollar Collector I feel that NGC does not support our "SCD COLLECTING HOBBY." As a life Member of ANA and 'presumably' NGC, I have found NO REASON to send raw medals to NGC for grading. It's infuriating to belong to an Organization so Unresponsive to Collectors they claim to Serve.

    I would dare a representative of NGC to post a response as to why So-Called Dollars are not updated to include newly discovered and TYPED by Jeff Shevlin and others.

    NGC needs my business far more than I need their's.

  5. On 1/23/2018 at 7:15 AM, Lablover said:

    So, been looking all over the NGC site and can't locate how to acquire the NGC Coin Boxes. Is there some secret hiding place for these? They're really well hidden.

    Your'e right! Try this site:

    Happy Collecting!

  6. 1 hour ago, Matt G said:

    Thank you for your feedback. Can you please provide me a link to the page you are referring to as I would like to bring this to the attention of our IT department? Thank you

    Thanks Matt! 

    Using this page, I used the [Search] button on the upper right corner and entered, 'So-Called Dollars' and So Called Dollars.' I've not tried "so called dollars' because some bots don't recognize case sensitivity to aid searches.

    Be gentile if I'm searching wrong, I'm new in this area of NGC


  7. On 11/1/2016 at 7:08 PM, coinman1794 said:

    There are hundreds of medals and tokens listed in HK, and many more that are not. I'm not sure there really is any rhyme or reason to it.

    I find it impossible to collect SCD's without owing and cross-referencing Both Editions of the book. There are enough discrepancies in books and including the app to determine the proper HK number. In many cases (see HK-299-304, with stars),

    "NOTE: Two varieties are known, With or without a star on the map at St. Louis: variety without star rarer " 

    The Alaska-Yukon Pacific Expo. medals, HK-364 - 378 are represented by different pictures in both editions which demands the question, A well planned 3d Edition of "So-Called Dollars" to tie together both Editions.

  8. As a So(-)Called Dollar collector I find the category difficult to follow. Apparently the search engine is set to accumulate like words  in its it's search resulting in all types of "Dollar(s)" clogging this Search. Is it possible to tighten the search parameters?


  9. ,,.with US and Cents, US nickels and dimes. I resumed collecting in 2004 with Franklin halves, early and modern commemoratives, a US type set, Canadian silver dollar sets. I also upgraded my Jefferson nickel collection to 'step quality' and an uncirculated Roosevelt dime set.


    My interest is now in So-Called Dollars. Specifically SCD's from the Pacific Northwest U.S. My 1909 Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition collection nears completion.


    As for my name, I'm a second generation Swede and own no Swedish coins. My Norwegian relatives on my mom;s side think my hobby is foolish, Uf-Da!