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  1. if submitted it will need some conservation. I will leave the doubled ear evaluation to others. I used to own a 1984 doubled ear and it has the doubling behind the ear, not in front as your coin. Obviously it could still represent a doubling, just my observation
  2. The 42 P/P war nickel is a big coin in my mind. Regarding regrades I had a belief that 2 would change... the 1941D nickel and the 58D half. I thought they had the best chance. I think you are right that most dont change.
  3. GRADES ARE IN!!!! Regarding the Variety submission - I am working on a war nickel variety set. The 1942 P is highest graded example, I think The other group of 9 was the regrade. NGC was consistent with the grading in this specific example group. Not a single move for any coins in any direction or attribution
  4. Others know toning better than me, but I think that "type" of toning may be due to the tabs and folds created by rolls. So, my opinion is, it was likely from a roll and one of the two coins at the end of the roll.
  5. my opinion on this topic, more or less mirrors others statements. if you have an ultra high grade ultra modern coin that you pulled and made from a roll, like a MS70/69 2004 nickel, sell it rapidly before the market pulls back due to the supply that exists and hasnt been graded yet
  6. thanks for this info. I have been told by representatives at NGC, just this past week, where I was told if variety plus is checked there is zero need to include the variety information on the form. Is this correct?
  7. Have not seen an answer yet, but those coins have about a dollar worth of silver in them. One of them looked uncirculated to me so the one may be worth 8 to 10 bucks. To sell them I would find a local store to help. Good luck
  8. I selected this group because after looking a some of the candidates these were the coins that generated a large Bump in value where the improvement of any single coin "pays" for the lot. There was only one coin that had the old slab which was the 1941D nickel. the group contains 3 plus graded coins and 3 star designated coins, but I think that was coincidence in my selecting although I may have had some bias. For the dimes, which is what I am the most familiar with, there were 6 dimes I submitted and they looked better than their friends I compared them to. I did make a mistake in this submission. I sent in a 1958D 10C MS68 dime for regrade. I contacted NGC and they are not going to "regrade" that coin. I am unsure what I was looking for, but the risk of MS-67 and utilization of the NGC guarentee is not the same thing.
  9. here are a few I have good pictures on. The others are a franklin, morgan, lincoln cent. The nickel in the group is the biggest risk for me being sad. Currently in a MS67 STAR FS (6FS) old generation slab
  10. fair enough... I left out the part asking for previous experiences. They are all NGC coins that I reviewed and I thought they were candidates for upgrade. I will post some photos of the current submissions in a bit.
  11. I decided to utilize a credit I had accumulated from NGC on the regrade service. I have zero experience with it, but I submitted 10 coins as regrades. I will let you know how my results go in a few weeks.
  12. Thanks again... There were two nickel coins struck at the philadelphia mint in 1942. The type 1 and the type 2. The 1942 type 1 does not have silver in the coin. The 1942 type 2 does contain silver and has with it a large P that allows distinguishing between the type 1 and type 2. When you purchase a war nickel set, it does NOT contain the 1942 P type 1 coin made of nickel and copper. The 1942 type 1 is the same material as the 1942-D material (i.e. no silver in it). The war nickels set should exclusively have silver in it. So the type 1 which just got added should be eliminated along with it's two varieties OR the 1942-D should also be added along with its single important variety. thanks again
  13. Now selling each coin individually... 1964D washington type C is sold 2001 P Buffalo Sold
  14. thanks so much for adding the coin! I think you may be incorrect about the composition of the 1942 type I nickel. it is a copper nickel alloy and does not contain any silver. It has the same composition as the 1942-D which is also copper-nickel alloy. The set should either include both the 1942 type I and its two varieties (that are currently listed) along with the 1942-D with its variety (FS-501) or neither of the type I versions of this set and it only include the Silver containing coins. Thanks again for help regarding the 1944 as well David P.S. I apologize if I am the one that is incorrect, but... I think I am onto somethin'
  15. War Nickel set with Varieties..... Currently contains the varieties for the 1942 Type I nickel, but does not include the plain (non variety). one for the 1942 Type I and one for the 1942-D type I also please add the 1944 S/S VP-001
  16. accepting offers on entire set prior to splitting up individual coins
  17. Just got back from vacation. Over spent and decided to move away from a set that I have lost interest in. The set works out to be just under $3200. Will take $2950 via PayPal friends and family for entire set shipped with return privileges. Will add some pictures soon. Prices are in red..