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  1. "Edynamicmarketing"- I too wish I could block his listings ! They are horrible! I hope NGC and PCGS do something about coins he is gassing AFTER they are holdered. I was able to find out who the guy is after some research. I know his name and that he has been involved with fraud along with his wife. They had a debt collection agency before deciding to get into coins. He is a rotten apple and it is hurting those of us who collect toned coins, the NT ones! He really is a crook.
  2. Nice to meet others who collect this gorgeous coin. I bought my first one a dozen + yrs ago and have been hooked since. From Regular to Proof to Toned and now grading them the journey continues. Thank you for writing about the Libertad Onza coins.
  3. I was getting my first submssion ready and called customer service about bulk rates. The rep told me has to be the same size and year. I asked, 'are you sure', oh yes. 2 of my submissions were sent with over 100 Onza 1 oz MS coins. Third is on the way. I would have sent it as a lot of 1 oz Onza MS coins to save. I learned from another Onza collector his 100 coin submission included various dates. My 1 oz Onza ms have gone in very close time wise, another is on the way. I counted on customer service to give me correct info which did not happen and as a result missed the savings. Please clarify this policy for Bulk submission. ex The onza coin, same size different dates, can 1 oz onza proofs count in the 100 etc? Fractionals? Included in the submissions are the 1991 Type II with 8 dot cactus pad. I just learned when I saw it there was such a variation. I only knew the Type I and the Type II ? Curious why there is no slot for the coin known as a 1991 Type II OnZa ( vs ONZA on type II) I did not find a slot for the 1987 Double Die 1 Onza. Please advise Thanks very much AGH