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  1. That Charlemagne piece is a beauty.
  2. Although technically not a Conder token I collect the later tokens along with the Conder tokens. Just picked this one up. It arrived from across the pond last week.
  3. Wow, they have some exceptional pieces. This isn't something I collect but I can appreciate them. I hadn't checked out their site in a while. Found quite a few items that I do collect.
  4. I collect a lot of German States coins. It is not uncommon for them to come back with the wrong information on the label. It is an exceptional piece for the type.
  5. Thank you for the quick response. Why is the slot marked "1763 (Non-competitive; for display only)"?
  6. Ali,Can you add a slot to this set: Copper Five Kopeks, Catherine II, 1763-1796, Circulation Issue Need a slot added for the 1763 with no mint mark. It is Krause # C#59.1. Cert# 4625659-011 is an example. Thank you
  7. I have a bunch of these both raw and graded but I just love that you can see so much of the host coin on this one. Krause lists the 1763 with no mint mark as "rare" but I don't think it is.
  8. I agree. Kind of has the look of a souvenir shop piece.
  9. It is difficult to tell from photos but everything looks right about it. Every one I have seen has been weakly struck.
  10. Here you go. For some reason they loaded out of order.
  11. Is anyone else planning on attending Central States this week? I will be there all day Friday.
  12. I picked this up this week in the NGC CCE World Coins Signature auction. I collect wildman coins and have been looking to pick up one of these for a while. There were actually 4 varieties of this coin that sold in the auction but I think this one has the best appearance.
  13. And that is 20 business days, so 4 weeks right there. Honestly it seemed last time like they zipped right through NCS.
  14. I just sent in a total of 37 pieces split between world, tokens and an oversized medal. Used economy on the lower value stuff but asked for everything to ship together on return. From past experience they are going to recommend sending some of the items to NCS so I am guessing 6 weeks to get my box back. That's not a complaint by any means so a guess based on my last submission.
  15. My thought would be a VF. The lion is normally weakly struck on these. The lettering looks pretty good so I think the grader would leave it as a VF.
  16. Great deal. I wouldn't say a thing. He set the price (I assume).
  17. My last submission had 2 pieces for conservation. They sailed through conservation. Your date depends on the service level. Based on my recent submission I'm thinking more like April 30th. Hope I'm wrong.
  18. Just my opinion but I think a grade of XF details is awfully optimistic. I wouldn't slab it.
  19. I have a few in my collection but they really have to speak to me. For the most part I look at them as something for a gift shop to sell. That said, I agree with others that if it brings in more collectors I'm all for it.
  20. NGC has a couple of submission centers in Europe. I would suggest calling them and they will make arrangements if possible.
  21. Very nice. It's always nice to have permission to make a purchase.
  22. For a while I have wanted a 1776 Mexico 8 Escudos. At one point I had found a reasonably priced one but didn't have the money at the time. Now I can't find one anywhere near that price.
  23. It's always nice to fill an elusive hole. Congratulations.
  24. World_Coin_Nut

    The Beginning

    I grew up sorting coins with my grand father. We were filling those Whitman folders of course. He absolutely refused to purchase any coins. Sometimes I wish I still collected like that...oh well.
  25. That is pretty interesting. Maybe the US mint will do the same...yeah right. I would like to have access to more convenient secure storage than what is currently available in my area.