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  1. Nice, I believe I have seen this before on the internet. It's making its rounds. But, what I'm looking to have done is the making of an actual album for me.
  2. I have reached out to Dansco, and they did say "No, doing one album would cost too much." I asked how much, they never gave me an answer.
  3. Hello all, like many collectors, I have a mix of certified coins (which are my MS or keys/semi-keys) and circulated coins. This post question is for my circulated items. I would like to know if anyone knows of a company that can make a coin album to-order? An album like that of the Dansco or Intershield U.S. Type albums. I cannot use the albums that they mass-produce because they do not contain enough ports for the Seated Libs, or 3-cent silver...so on and so forth. And yes, to answer a follow-on question, I already have my circulated type in a 3-ring binder, but I want them in an album. Thank
  4. "WHEN" do you certify coin or currency? Is the answer based on value? If so, at what value do you say, 'ok, I need to certify this.' Thank you.