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  1. USAuPzlBxBob

    ngc vs pcgs

    I have converted the entire fraction of my (small) US Gold collection, that was PCGS, over to NGC. Everything is now NGC. (Got two "+" upgrades out of the 3 converted coins.) Now I'm upgrading many of the old NGC holders to Scratch-Resistant Edge View holders, and half of my collection is currently being looked at by CAC for "beaning." The coins that are being re-holdered (right now) by NGC all had CAC "beans" and when they come back, CAC only charges $3 per holder for their re-beaning, since the ID numbers and grades will be unchanged. I've worked things over in my head the last week or so, and I believe that when all is "said and done," when the "dust has finally settled," and the coins are all back in my possession, I'll be north of 50% of my coins having CAC "beans." Entire collection is 16 coins. I'm hoping 9 will have "beans." One of the coins is a Modern (Apollo XI), so it doesn't factor into the "bean" percentage, and the percentage could therefore be 60%. That's pretty good, imho. The "even" number of coins, and therefore "holders," which will all be exactly the same size, will enable the holders to be nested together in a most-compact form. 14 holders fit inside a carefully, and symmetrically, folded "comic book" size Coin Armour ziplock, and a separate, single-slab Coin Armour ziplock is used to hold the remaining 2 slabs. (a very tight fit) These Coin Armour ziplocks involve sacrificial-copper to neutralize sulfur airborne-contaminants, and their plastic thickness walls are very heavy-duty. They hold up really well over the years. Really well. Everything just fits into a single puzzle box, which fits into a diabolical lockbox, which fits into a safe, whose combination is stored in a crossword puzzle. It is such an arduous task to reach my coins that I only view them physically once or twice a year. (Takes hours for me to even reach them, and I know the how-to secrets.) But it is such a pleasure to work through the impediments and restraints… And the coins are so beautiful when deservedly seen… And even more beautiful when seen so rarely.
  2. Every once in a while I peruse the Internet for the "key" coin of this hypothetical collection. EBay just had one, apparently offered from David Lawrence Rare Coins, and it was a stunning example, and seems to have closed less than a week ago on February 14, 2019 (Valentine's Day): Really… to die for. So gorgeous! Wish I had unlimited funds… I would have been all over it.
  3. USAuPzlBxBob

    Your Opinion: 10 Dollar Indian 1932

    That copper spot will bug you over time. A 1932 10 Indian should be a capstone coin to a collection. It's one of the cheapest $10 Indians you can buy, if not the cheapest. Spend up for quality, rather than availability. You'll know when you've gotten it right.
  4. USAuPzlBxBob


    Status: Received.
  5. USAuPzlBxBob


    I'm still waiting for my invoice commencement. Maybe they'll get to my box today, and I'll get an email.
  6. USAuPzlBxBob


    Is that the result you know (somehow) or the coin you now have back "in hand?" (congrats, btw)
  7. USAuPzlBxBob

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    Please note… I know so little about Canadian coins, that I haven't even recognized the Canadian coins some of you have posted, already.
  8. USAuPzlBxBob

    Foreign coins are really nice looking

    I'm surprised no one has posted some of Canada's coins. I don't collect them, but the one's I've seen pictures of are extremely beautiful.
  9. USAuPzlBxBob

    NGC Submission Progress

    Have heard nothing from NGC. From USPS, have heard Delivered. For all I know, my coins may have been dumped in the trash accidentally after USPS delivered them. Hi NGC. Remember me? (you're my best friend)
  10. USAuPzlBxBob


    I'm following the sales figures vicariously through you! My submission to NGC was upgraded to Delivered yesterday. Hoping, so much, that the grade will be a Proof 70 from NGC. But even if it comes in at 69, I'll be Ok. Why? 1969 was a good year for Buzz Aldrin in photos.
  11. USAuPzlBxBob


    Actually, the prior ZIP was 34260, and not 34230... Just now: Available for Pickup February 11, 2019 at 10:50 am Available for Pickup SARASOTA, FL 34230
  12. USAuPzlBxBob

    Break from collecting. Hello again.

    Two funny… Not until just this moment did I put to and too twogether, and realized that Mohawk's actual name is Tom, and it follows, therefore, that Tom Mohawk makes complete sense! Tomahawks, reading just now in the Wiki Dictionary, and of which I had forgotten, were also pipes for smoking tobacco, and who knows what else. As Arte Johnson used to say on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, "Verrrry interesting…" Welcome back, BLive1972!
  13. USAuPzlBxBob


    My NGC package is now at the Sarasota, FL 34260 Post Office, probably in NGC's P.O. Box, and everything is closed for Sunday. The best outcome I could "hope for" on a weekend.
  14. USAuPzlBxBob

    To Track...

    My NGC package arrived in Tampa around 3:00 pm today, was scanned at the airport USPS, and they got it on the road by 3:45 pm. Sarasota is just an hour's drive down from Tampa, so it may be pulling into the USPS there right about now, and will be in its P.O. Box 4776 within an hour, tops.
  15. One of the most beautiful "posts" I've ever read on the "Boards," here, Charmy. I'll be coming back to this one many times. (We forget what an incredible generation the WWII Vets were.)