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  1. If you are not comfortable cracking the coin out you can send it for the crossover service. This allows you to retain the PCGS holder if it does not meet the crossover criteria. Please note that you can request it to be crossed at the same grade or lower but you cannot request a higher grade. If the coin is deemed to be an MS64 we will automatically place it into our holder. Please see the details below
  2. NGC and PMG will provide updates on their operations during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation here.Read more
  3. NGC and PMG will provide updates on their operations during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation here. Read More
  4. All NGC and PMG locations remain open to serve collectors and dealers by providing liquidity and confidence to the global collectibles markets at a time when those qualities are more important than ever. Read more
  5. @GoldFinger1969 are you looking for a specific article that you have read in the past? I have provided the link to the NGC news section which is sorted by most recent. You may also use the search function at the top of the website to look for a specific article. Please let me know if there is something specific you are looking for and I can try to help.
  6. @kvn ksngr please use the link below to search for NGC graded coins. This can be found on the homepage as well as under the "resources" header. You will need to enter the entire certification number (above the barcode) and the grade of the coin.
  7. @messydesk our offices will remain open and will operate as usual. We have taken extra safety and sanitation precautions. Thank you
  8. @C.Hall and @Oldhouse please send me a pm or email me at the address below with your invoice numbers and I will look into it. If you selected a slower tier, such as Economy, NCS or any other add-on service it will extend the turnaround time for your submission. @Just Bob I have been called many things but a liar is not one of them. Thank you for the support!
  9. NGC, PMG and CGC will make every effort to accommodate requests to change a return shipping address, but these requests must be made before the shipment leaves our facility. Read More
  10. Hello, Please click on the link below regarding details grading. If corrosion is present, the coin will receive a details grade.
  11. Thank you for your post. NCS Conservation is recommended when a coin has active contaminants such as PVC which prevents NGC from being able to grade the coin or residue which can detract from the quality of grade. The submitter can request for coins to go through NCS by selecting the applicable option on the submission form. Please note that this applies to all coins on the invoice. Otherwise, if the NGC experts determine that a coin would benefit from NCS, our team will email the submitter for approval to perform the services. The submitter will have a 24 hour window to approve the services, otherwise it will be declined. The NCS fees will not be charged if the services are not performed. Please see the link below for more information regarding NCS Conservation.
  12. US Classic Gold Coins, issued from 1834 to 1839, can now be attributed by NGC according to the “HM” catalog numbers in the new reference by renowned numismatist Daryl J. Haynor. Read more
  13. The temporary extension will allow 45 days for a new coin issue to be submitted to NGC for these designations. Read more
  14. Four 2020-W Proof Gold Eagles soar tomorrow. Read more
  15. All of our global offices remain open at full capacity, but with enhanced cleaning and safety procedures. Read more
  16. @Beginner 76 here is the link to the fancy numbers that PMG will recognize. Unfortunately, none of the ones in this thread will qualify.
  17. @Hinkle We reported this issue to our IT Department. We believe that the issue is with the company that hosts our chatboards and that it is not an attempted hack. We hope to have this resolved soon. Thank you
  18. The patterns were struck in the late 1800s as proposed coin designs and compositions. Read more
  19. @Paulezy The NGC bulk prescreen program is available to Elite Members and Dealer and typically consists of 100 or more of the same type of coin (Silver Eagles, Morgans, Peace Dollars, Lincoln Cents, etc). These members will chose the minimum acceptable grade and submit the coins for evaluation. NGC will only encapsulate the coins that meet the grading criteria and the others will be returned raw. The raw coins will not be charged a fee unless more than 35% of the coins do not meet the criteria. The graded coins will be charged a fee based on the numerical grade assigned and these fees are listed in the member portal along with the min grade requirements (for common coins). *This is called the "Prescreen" service as the submitter is asked to evaluate their coins and send the best possible ones that have a chance at meeting their criteria. This service is very beneficial for the submitter and can keep costs down significantly especially for those coins that may have been over-graded during their prescreen evaluation. For your set of coins, I would follow the suggestions of our seasoned veterans and bring them to a few local coin shops (link below) or the Long Beach Show which NGC attends.
  20. The ANA Registry will bring the hobby together in an inclusive platform for the benefit of all. Read more
  21. @kbbpll while we do not have this interactive grading "in the works," we do have a counterfeit detection section of the website that provides a lot of in depth information.
  22. More than 100 people match skills against professional graders at the FUN show. Check out the coin information and photos in this article to see how you do. Read more
  23. The numismatic treasure trove boasts several beautifully toned Morgans. Read more
  24. The chairman of CCG reflects on the highlights of 2019 to usher in the new year. Read more
  25. With 45 million coins graded, NGC continues to be the industry leader. Read more