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  1. Take a look here and see how I might have a problem.🥰🥳/
  2. Although, I only have a few posts here, I am not new to forums. Your initial post threw up some red flags. If you're not him I apologize. And welcome to the forum.
  3. Are you sure this isn't Collector3745? If you are not this same guy, your coin is worth one cent.
  4. My son added this coin to our collection. I have to make sure to give him credit in case he peeks in here. I thought he might have gotten me an early Christmas gift. But, no. This one may hang around for a while. Enough red to keep it interesting.
  5. My son added this coin to our collection. He doesn't like my appetite for modern coins.
  6. Your new pics just affirm the reverse is a late die stage. Still no doubled die reverse. Is the coin out of a mint set or did you get it out of circulation?
  7. The obverse looks like it may be doubled on a portion of the IN GOD WE TRUST. The reverse looks like machine doubling.
  8. I am by no means a Morgan dollar collector. When I saw the coin the other day my first thought was counterfeit. I have reference books also. It may just be the pics. If you received the coin as a gift, then the price to have it graded is nominal.
  9. The first quarter looks like reed marks from another quarter. The second one is hard to tell what is happening. Maybe tilt it a couple different ways until you get the shot.
  10. I'd say AU53. That way I can stay on the fence. Definitely AU. I don't want to give it a 55. But, maybe in hand, it may be different.
  11. My zoo story was in the aviary. Don't look up in those things. I caught a nice big runny one right on the forehead. I swore I heard that bird laugh. My wife for sure was laughing.
  12. For all you Roosevelt dime lovers out there. A clad 1965 full torch coin. This is not one of those pretend SMS dimes. This coin is hardcore business strike all the way. Straight out of Philly! Or was it Denver?
  13. Grabbed this up at the coin show today. A better struck 1935 Buffalo nickel.
  14. According to the RedBook the obverse is of a pioneer family in a Conestoga wagon heading west.
  15. When I started my registry sets, the NGC only coin rule, had already gone into effect. I had many coins in all types of plastic. Mostly, NGC and PCGS. I have two registry sets that I concentrate on the most. One here on NGC and one at PCGS. Most likely I won't finish the PCGS 7070 type set. One of the Seated Liberty quarter slots I need to fill, in PCGS plastic, I already own in NGC plastic. I didn't get the coin in a back alley deal. It cost some money and dumping more money to get it in another plastic holder is out of the question. Plus I like the quarter and the NGC plastic. I have other examples like that in my collection. I am sure others have faced the same dilemma. That is one problem, in building a registry set, when you want to buy the coin and not the holder. The set I am building at NGC I own duplicate coins. As in, I have the same coin in NGC plastic as I do in PCGS plastic. The coins in my NGC registry set are common coins. The duplicates came about because it was cheaper to buy another graded coin than cross to another service. So I have two coins of some dates and mints. After experiencing these two problems with registry set building the newness wore off quick. I can understand the frustration if someone had built a collection on hunting the best coin for that registry set slot only to have it taken away. Although, I can't find fault with either NGC or PCGS wanting only their plastic in the registry sets to rep their brand. My solution? To keep collecting the coins I like in whatever plastic or raw that floats my boat. While, I like to compete with the next guy, the registry for me was more of a fun thing. The set I am working on here is 340 coins large. I can still see remnants of some great sets prior to the NGC only sets. Those sets far surpass what I have amassed in mine. I still enjoy building the set, but, it would be a lot more fun if all the participants were still there. I only have 20% of my set complete, yet, it is in the TOP20 of about 160 participants. When I add a coin I just leap over folks that are no longer participating. Yet, those same people had some awesome collections. I just wanted to say thanks for letting little old me slide into the TOP20. It won't take much now to capture one of those little blue ribbons.
  16. Added another 1852 large cent to my collection. N-11 I bought the coin for the strike. It may have been cleaned, but, the strike is outstanding. A little brown coin envelope should fix up that nasty old cleaning.
  17. Correct, that was the problem that I hoped somebody else might have found an answer to. I was looking for a quarter size punch at the time. I found one at a craft store, but, it was just a tad too small. I had a bunch of plastic cases from some plated State quarters that I wanted to make custom inserts for.
  18. I agree with JKK on grades. Grade is not everything with large cent coins. Rare die pairs can command quite the premium. Attributing your coins would be in your best interest. Some rare die pairs may not even be available in mint state.