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  1. The CPG doesn't show a RPM for this date and mint. It does show a tripled die obverse. This will show up on TRUST, the date and the Y in LIBERTY. Your coin looks similar to the pics in the CPG.
  2. On the NGC Coin Explorer guide for the 2005 SMS 10C Roosevelt dime, it shows registry points for each grade and attribute(MS, FT and PL). The registry points are shown on this page: If you look down to the coins displayed from individual members you will notice a discrepancy between those coins and the registry points. I noticed it when I added a 2005 SMS dime into my registry set and it was worth only 28 points. The NGC Coin Explorer guide page with the registry information says the coin I added should be worth 1271 registry points(MS67FT). The coins shown on the page I referenced above were graded MS69FT. In the same box as the grade it shows registry points, these coins received 653 points when right above in the registry points it says the coins should receive 2765. Which is correct? The NGC Coin Explorer page or what came up when I added the coin. I just noticed the auction page may have a coin or two that is not a dime. Thanks for you help.