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  1. Take a look here and see how I might have a problem.🥰🥳/
  2. Although, I only have a few posts here, I am not new to forums. Your initial post threw up some red flags. If you're not him I apologize. And welcome to the forum.
  3. Are you sure this isn't Collector3745? If you are not this same guy, your coin is worth one cent.
  4. My son added this coin to our collection. I have to make sure to give him credit in case he peeks in here. I thought he might have gotten me an early Christmas gift. But, no. This one may hang around for a while. Enough red to keep it interesting.
  5. My son added this coin to our collection. He doesn't like my appetite for modern coins.
  6. Your new pics just affirm the reverse is a late die stage. Still no doubled die reverse. Is the coin out of a mint set or did you get it out of circulation?
  7. The obverse looks like it may be doubled on a portion of the IN GOD WE TRUST. The reverse looks like machine doubling.
  8. I am by no means a Morgan dollar collector. When I saw the coin the other day my first thought was counterfeit. I have reference books also. It may just be the pics. If you received the coin as a gift, then the price to have it graded is nominal.
  9. The first quarter looks like reed marks from another quarter. The second one is hard to tell what is happening. Maybe tilt it a couple different ways until you get the shot.
  10. I'd say AU53. That way I can stay on the fence. Definitely AU. I don't want to give it a 55. But, maybe in hand, it may be different.